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As I was outside of my school... I saw a butterfly and wanted to touch it but it kept flying away! Then I got frustated a bit and the wind blew really hard... As I tried to be calm, it got a little better but the poor butterfly was flying everywhere! The poor thing was being thrown there and here and there again. So I just closed my eyes and told the wind to calm down in the mind as I concentrated. It actually calmed down to my surprise. Well it's kind of surprising because well I love magic and I'm easily impressed by it. But I think the butterfly didn't want to be messed with a lot I just wanted it to go on my hand, but it just put it's little hand onto my big fingers. I thought it was cute, at least I got a handshake, maybe next time I'll get a butterfly to land on my hand. I'm originally a wind magic user, but I love other elements as well like

My top favorite is





~That's how it goes, but I cannot control earth yet sadly, I love nature too and I respect earth. As for fire I love it, it's warm and well amazingly bright. Wind is awesome too, I love how it feels on my skin as I run or ride a bike or even ride in the car and the wind just blows. I just love water, even though it's not my top favorite but I still love it, it's like just, I love the feeling. I used to just play with the water while I'm in the shower I just throw it around (It gets almost everything wet xD) And whenever I do shower, there's usually a little pudde or when I wash the dishes there's like a splash of water in it xD

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keishon16 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-25)
Hi am new this website I want to share you my story weel am 13 years old I can develop physic stuff fast it, s call Claircognisancei develop empathy when I just read how to develop it and a just as finger tip I already develop it but sometime, s I can, t use it I don. T know why so now I can develop any esp stuff anytime one day was so bored my atmokinesis came in good need I use it to control the wind and I didn, t know I was so powerful that I can make the rooftop blow off I focus and concentrate on bringing the wing the and the carpet the venila started to raise up the door started to slam lighting started to flash and I when in side and I tried to stop it but I can, t stop it from blowing. Can you please show me how to control before I cause a tornado. Oh when I was small I was 10 years old and that time I didn, t believe in magic and when me and friend was walking home I wanted make joke but the joke acctually happenend I told my friend that I will make the girl with the bycle that's riding on on the road fall down with the bike I jus t wanted to make a joke but I didn, t know it will work I used my hand I said wind make make that girl fall down and she fell and we laugh when the girl fell I autually didn, t know she will falldown so for the first time I started to do reseased when I was 12 I stop playing game on my loptop and start practicing I think I was I think I died a long time and I reborned 😕

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