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Butterfly Effect Vision


The other night I was laying in bed wide awake when I got an extreme headache out of no where which is not normal for me and then a vision accured

It was a ring of a butterfly and then the butterfly became real and flew away, and so I asked my guide what did it all mean and all he said was butterfly effect.

Ever since then I've been having the same headache not as bad at random times and seeing the butterfly vision

For some reason I feel it has to do with time because my friend can view the past but others can fully go back and change it the reason I know time travel is a thing is because I have accidentally traveled forward in time

The first time was when I was around 5 I layed down in bed around 8pm and looked at the clock and it was 7am the second time was around September I was listening to a five minute song and looked at the clock it was 10:38 when I was at about 2 minutes through my song I looked at my clock and it was 10:48 and my phone was the same time so was my old fashioned clock that is not digital and was always correct

Anyways the vision I feel like someone has messed with time and is effecting me in some way

It may not be time at all it could just be something that will have a big percussion but at this point it's been happening multiple times through the day. So if it is just effects that are happening or time travel it's happened about 5 time throughout the day. Since the vision I've had a bad feeling about this whole thing. Like something big is going to happen.

If anyone else has had this vision or something related it would be much appreciated.

Stay safe


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SGE (1 stories) (32 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-29)
This is proving what she told me. Question, can you define what you mean by ripple in time?
NicholasFreeland (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-09)
Question does your butterfly
Effect end in blue sparkles?.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-22)
I have to say it sounds like a great vision. I have not had that type. But have practiced an Obsidian mirror which allows the butterfly to appear and work with myself to change.

According to the Tradition it connects to the 13th heaven.

The practice deals with ancestors/previous incarnations/dreams we live. Make our self not dream so we experience positive seeds we have sown. So we live these instead.

The black clawed butterfly-symbol of death or change. It is used to bring death to tumors, virus or a problem we dream about and live. Our Dreams align to past/present/future which is essentially TIME.

Mayan belief re Time: it is a thread there is no past/present/future. In this content our consciousness can jump.

I have experienced healing a family members past as a youth. I think a big key is to set our Intent and raise our vibration.

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