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Weird Series Of Dreams


Came across this site while trying to research about the dreams I'm posting about. Thought I'd try my hand at this. Here goes.

Backstory: Cerca 2 or 3 years ago, I wanted to see if telepathy is a real thing (it is. I know this). Being young and dumb, I decided to try it with this guy that I thought was cute who I'd only met like twice in my life. He worked security like twice at my workplace at the time. Never spoke to him or anything. So, kind of opened a gate for telepathy with him - with no results. Back to the present, I haven't even thought about him since those 2 or 3 years ago. Never even crossed my mind.

Last night, I had a series of 3 weird dreams. Now, I'm not the type to jump in and think every appearance by a person means something, but this was strange to me. And I'm sort of a skeptic. The only people who appear or communicate in my dreams are my boyfriend, mother, grandfather, and best friends. But this was extremely odd.

Dream 1: Myself and this guy both have angel wings and are cuddled up together with our wings wrapped around each other. It feels safe and comfortable. I immediately know who he is and remember him. Then, I wake up.

Dream 2: Myself in this guy are in a hotel room together. He doesn't want to leave the hotel room. He seems sad or upset about something. It's like he's hiding in my hotel room. He won't tell me what's upsetting him. He expresses a sort of romantic interest to me in this dream, but I shrug it off. I have a boyfriend whom I love and am satisfied with. (This is strange, because usually, in dreams, I have no problem with sex dreams. But it's usually a character I've created (I'm an erotica writer), not a real person. Or its my boyfriend. While I generally enjoy the potential for sex in dreams, his interest was deeper.)) So, to keep from cheating on my boyfriend in my dream, I tell him no. But I let him stick around because it makes him feel better. I feel comfortable with him, but he's sad and hiding from something.

Dream 3: There is a barn of 4 or 5 horses on my road near my house. They look neglected. One in particular caught my eye. So I ride this horse up to my grandparents' house to show my mom and ask her what to do. She says something to me, can't remember what. But, as I'm riding this big, neglected horse back to its barn, the archangel Gabriel appears in my grandparents' front yard raking some leaves. I ask him to place his healing touch on these horses. He nods in agreement. Then I wake up.

My questions: Could this person be trying to reach me? Have I opened a telepathic gate unknowingly and not closed it properly? Is there anything I can do? I was younger and dumber about this stuff when I first tried telepathy. I am more experienced in it now. I commonly communicate with my boyfriend this way, both through waking and dreaming telepathy.

Thanks for your help.

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