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I Think I'm Psychic Or Something


I saw a similar story to mines on here but it was old and didn't have any comments or explanations. I'm hoping I have better luck because it would help a lot if I had another perspective.

Ok here's my story. It started a few years ago. Me and a friend were just sitting around and I made a joke about a guy we went to high school with. Keep in mind this guy graduated a few years ahead of us and this isn't a guy we talked to everyday. Why I chose to include him in this joke, well, I don't know. It was completely random, or so I thought. The joke was, I told my friend that the guy wanted to fight him. It was a joke because clearly he didn't want to fight it. We laughed about it and it was over with. The next day we went out to a club and BOOM, the most random guy we made a joke about was there at the club. It was the freakiest thing. We hadn't seen this guy in years, and even when we went to school with him we didn't see him everyday or associate with him like that. We just chalked it up as coincidence.

After that things started to occur a whole lot more often. We would be talking about a TV show or a movie or something and then it would come on tv. It was super freaky. I've heard of coincidences but this insane. Still we didn't think much of it.

So time went on and now I hang out alone now, mostly. I'll just sitting around or chilling out and thoughts randomly pop in my head and then they happen in real life. This happens EVERYDAY, literally. I don't attend to think about these things they just pop up. For example: This happen most recently. A couple of days ago something popped in my head about Europe and that made me think of the movie Eurotrip. And the next day there it was on tv. If you know anything about this movie it isn't one of those movies that come on often. Its very rare. It always happens like that. Something will make me think of a movie or an event and it soon makes it way into my life in some sort of form. Its hard to explain and its driving me crazy. Its to the point now that I don't even fight it, when I catch myself I just say to myself "watch this pop up somehow tomorrow" and it does, EVERY-TIME! I'm not making any of this up. I've tried meditating to get some control or some insight into what it going on but I don't have any answers. I wish I could just chalk it up as a long string of coincidences because then at least that would be an explanation. But every time I say that the "power" presents itself as if to say "Oh no guy, this isn't a confidence". Can somebody give me some advice or some insight into what is going on. So far the only thing I know is that this ability is most closely defined as premonitions but what do I know. What do you think?

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klynnpoet (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-29)
I meant claircognizance, not clairsentience... Which is just sensing feelings... Sorry for the typo, dang auto correct.
klynnpoet (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-29)
You are correct... You are exhibiting the psychic gift called clairsentience, which is the gift of knowing the unknowable. I myself have the same ability, and when it began to develop, it started off as random incidents, as you have mentioned, such as thinking about a song, and then hearing it on the radio immediately after I thought about it. Or once I went to a video store to rent movies and while I was there, I had the thought, "you should rent a VCR too", although I already owned one. My reaction, at the time, was to ignore it... Only to go home to pop in my rental movie and guess what? My VCR broke and would not play or work and now I had no way to watch my movies!
Each time I receive the "knowledge", I have two choices... I can either use it to my benefit or ignore it. If it comes in the form of a warning, and I ignore it, I always regret it. However... Be aware that the messages and your natural anxiety thoughts feel different... So you must learn to differentiate between them. Can you ignore the "knowledge"? Sure. What is it's purpose? It depends. As my gift has gotten stronger, it has enabled me to avoid pain in my life, to help others, and also it helps me prepare for events that cannot be avoided, both on a personal level and a global level.
Don't be afraid of it. It is the gift of the prophets!:) Good Luck and God Bless!

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