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Had Something Strange Happen To Me


I am new I found this site looking up information about something that happen on the 22 of this month.

I was outside looking at the stars with my younger brother. Well, as we talked I said to bad we couldn't turn the street light out so we could see the stars better... Then it happen the light went out and everything was dark. I didn't even look at the stars because the light down the street were still on and I immediately looked at the house to see if we still had power and I did! I began to think it could have blown out then it started to warm up and came back on. My brother even said "that is strange" I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I'm 29 years old and have always had strange feelings about stuff like a feeling that something will happen before it does. I always think about stuff like the universe and always find myself wondering about things. I found it really strange that it had to happen as I was talking about it being off. I live out in the country on a lonely old road its a light that comes on in are driveway after sunset it's on a power pole by the street I have no control of it at all. Do I have some kind of powers or something I don't know about? Any information on this would be nice as I can't stop thinking about it. I always find myself knowing about whenever a bad storm will hit without checking the weather out. I get this odd feeling about it and then it happens. Like the time my mother was in a bad car accident I had a feeling about it before I found out about it.

Thanks, I just wanted to share this with everyone and get a idea what it could have been if anything.

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Anak (4 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-28)
That is cool, cherish that memory as magical as it was. You don't have to wonder too much about what it was, just enjoy how it happened.

I always wonder about timings too though. I feel that some synchronizations are too suspicious to be anything else than real manifestation.

But then I try to understand. If 3 cars and a pedestrian all arrive at a quiet intersection at the same time... What were the chances? You could barely arrange that yourself as the chances are so low, but yet it often happens on its own randomely.

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