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The other day, I was at work and a little girl around age 6 appeared to me, I see her plain as day. She just looked at me and said Elizabeth. She is always around me and talking to me. She's told me she wants daddy amongst other things. Later that night, an older man tall and skinny, late 90s and short older lady in her 80s came through with this Elizabeth. I had feelings of my chest hurting and cancer of some sort. I've asked my husband and neighbors and apparently this Elizabeth is the neighbors little girl that died shortly after birth and the older couple is his great grandparents who he hadn't told me anything about. He told me his great grandmother died of a heart attack and 6 months later his great grandfather died of broken heart and cancer. I shouldn't know these things without him telling them to me. A older lady by the name Paula has been showing herself which I have found out is the neighbors grandma whose pasted. I'm a little freaked out. If I ignore these spirits I get a really bad headache. When they come through I go into like a trance and constantly tap my fingers. I get names of people a lot and images. I've also experienced a vision of and man in his 30s walking across the road and a red vehicle. He was hit which I felt and he was badly hurt or killed. His name was Derek but no one I know has a Derek that is decreased. The only time I get quite is when I'm asleep. I've heard my 10 month old daughter talk to me in a voice as plain as an adult talking. I'm a little freaked out by all this. Can anybody explain this?

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wat123 (41 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-05)
Well the only one that knows the specific sympthoms is you. Research a bit about this yourself too and also whether this might be (partially) a medical condition. As long as you can deal with these spirits in daily life it's allright but if you feel like it's getting too much you should get some proffesional help from a therapist or a psychist either way search for something that will halt these happenings without causing headaches.

You have to be mentally strong since you have a daughter to take care of now but if you feel like you can't handle it alone you should really ask for help.

I hope you will search for proffesional help or just help from friends. I know that having a baby can be an extremely stressfull time and if you try to handle this while dealing with annoying spirits it might drive you insane eventually.

I know this website is meant for spiritual help/advise but the most important thing is taking care of your life and after the stressfull times you can research all you want about spirits but for now find a way to relieve the symptoms.

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