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What Am I Psychic Or Medium?


I'm a 15 year old boy and ever since I was few years younger I would feel like I was being watched all the time and I would hear voices and whispers but no one is around than for awhile it quit. Than last year it happened again I would feel like I was being watched and followed. Well I started to notice that I can see orbs I've already had my eyes checked out and the doctor said nothing was wrong with my eyes. And one day I rode my bus home and I was listening to music looking out the window just waiting to get to my bus stop and I saw a city bus drive by our bus and I had a vision that the same exact bus was crashed from the back of it and that it was a white truck it was more like I was looking at a picture. But when I got of my bus stop I notice that what I saw in my vision was the same exact thing that happened. The same bus was crashed by the same vehicle I saw in my vision.

Now lately I've been having gut feelings that something bad is going to happen. Like one night I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right. And I woke up the next day my sister was in the hospital. But I've been having a lot more gut feelings.

Also I can feel energy coming from certain homes and people. Like my great grandmothers house, I'm terrified and feel like I'm not welcome there just from the energy.

Sometimes I think that the "other side" try's to connect to me and try to speak with me and I start to feel sick and I'll get a bad headache.

I go to my friends house a lot and I know that their is something paranormal in their house. But it doesn't feel like the energy is bad it feels like I'm welcome their. And the other day I had a dream and I saw the front of their house and it seemed like I was walking through the door and I see this old lady sitting by the fire, she greeted me and asked if I wanted anything to drink I said no thank you and her cat jumped up onto the table. I look around and see 2 other cats their friendly cats as they play around and the dream just stopped from their. I asked my friend the day after and asked him was their an old lady that lived here with cats and he said yes actually there was how did you know? I said to him I had a dream and I saw her and the cats.

My friend already know about what I said in these paragraphs cause I tell my friend a lot. And he actually helped me out cause at a point I was freaking out.

Now I want to know if any of you guys can tell me what I am or what is this. I think I'm like a psychic or medium I don't but I need someone to tell me. And what should I do to become stronger at this and to see more than just that.

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-18)
Dylanroberts98, I just came across your story and it sounded a lot like the first story I posted when I first joined this site.

I'm guessing since you said you didn't feel welcome wherever the energy was that it was bad energy, but did you get a certain feeling right away from the energy, and what exactly did you feel?

The sick feeling could be from a demon being close to you, and they're draining you of your energy at a rapid pace. That's where the headache came from as well.

If you're ever on this site and see my message I can help you. Here's my e-mail:

Rainashea16 [at]

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