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Am Thinking Too Much About My Empathy


I have recently found out that am empathetic, I always used to think that there was something wrong with me before I discover my empathy I used to feel fatigue from some people and wondered why, when I found out recently about empathy I started being very positive and happy that am special and gifted that I can get through the day and life with my valuable gift and it helps me to choose the right people in my life. I searched about it and read about it a lot and I was scared when some people wrote in this site that the gift gets dead by time but I think it doesn't get dead or go away unless the person is negative about it right? The other thing I get paranoid about is that I read that empathetic people can be easily possessed and I keep getting scared and paranoid that something might happen to me, am scared from the possession part. Can somebody clear things to me please so that I won't be lost. I want to be happy with my gift that it would stay with me forever and not taken from me and I don't want to get possesses because of it and be paranoid that any minute something might happen to me, please help, I want to be relaxed with my gift and happy but not paranoid.

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Aggers (2 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-05)
I "burned out" haha. I'm still working on getting my abilities back but it's hard with a busy life.

Protect yourself with a beam of love coming out of your chest, surrounding you.
Just think positive!
The glass is half full, always. If you think positive it's harder, oh so much harder to attract negative entities.
And... Away with the energy vampires! It's your energy! People shouldn't steal it.
Anyway don't worry you won't get possessed. Anytime you feel exhausted, or weakened, your abilities will erm... Simply go on vacation;) but they'll come back when you're ready.
dawnfyre (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-30)
I too am empathetic. Been that way since childhood. Have other things that come and go over time, like seeing spirits (that one I like when it's not active, since there is some evil stuff out there). I had to learn how to semi-control it, and use it daily in my job to help other people heal. If I burn out, then it burns out. Yes, because there is so much a spirit of depression and anxiety out there now days, it is so easy to fall into negativity and pessimism, especially when the lines between you and other is thinned. I no longer watch but do read the news, meditate daily, avoid emotional vampires, and keep good people around. I've had it wax and wane over the years, mainly to do with my own mental/emotional/spiritual health. As far as possession goes, I really pray up and draw protections around the house. My mother explained to me not to attract anything, and a door once opened can never be fully closed. So maybe I sensed a weakness in me and protected? Fear gives things power, so I work on understanding and controlling my fear response. Hope it helps.

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