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My Experience With Moldavite


I had gotten moldavite as a late Christmas present on January 2, 2015. Right away, I could feel the stone inside the small package in a small box wrapped up nicely in a small napkin. As I held the small green stone, I felt warmth spread across my hand. About five seconds later, I could feel the stone slightly vibrate a quick rhythm, and there was an electric shock like feeling in my hand. No wonder they say that the energy is very potent!

I tucked the crystal in a small pocket on my shirt to carry around. Throughout the day, I noticed my emotions were different than before. I felt happier and determined, but I got a little short tempered. I felt myself blank out a number of times after having the stone in my pocket, and to add on, a very mild headache.

On New Year, I started off with a painful bruise after injuring my hand on the corner of a cabinet. The pain ached all day, and it had a red line marking the spot where I got hurt. After unwrapping my new moldavite, I wondered if it might actually heal my bruise or at least stop the pain. I gently placed the stone on my bruise, and to my surprise, the pain vanished! The next day, the line was less than a centimeter long, and the purple had almost completely vanished. My wounds usually take a long time to heal, but after two days, the bruise is practically gone. I decided to stone wrap it with a small piece of rose quartz.

At night, I put the stone underneath my pillow with a chevron amethyst. I discovered life like dreams. In my most recent dream, I could actually feel the cold, smell the pines, see all the way to the horizon, and taste the salted fish. It had been so vivid as if I had vision way better than 20/20.

I decided to use my necklace as a pendulum to test how easy it is to move it with just my mind. I steadied my hand and patiently waited for the moldavite to stop swinging. When it did, I attempted to move it side to side. Right away, the chain began to swing little by little. It has never been this easy compared to other pendulums I made before.

I suddenly had images while awake that happened later on. Premonition is actually sort of rare for me to have, but it is getting more common after receiving my moldavite. I reading the clock as 11:11, 12:12, 12:34, 1:11, and etc more common than I had in my life. I think people who want change should definitely get this rock.

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