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When I was around six, I moved houses. It was an old house. I immediately began seeing orb-like balls and silhouettes and it often made me too scared to sleep or have the light off. Everyone passed it off as typical childish behaviour and said that I just had a good imagination. Even at the time, I knew it was more than that, especially as it continued all throughout primary school.

This progressed until age 13, as I began seeing images more clearly and fearing bathrooms in particular. I believed something was hiding in the reflective surfaces, and would often actually see rather vivid images of them.

Very soon after moving there, I remember mucking around with an object I cannot remember on a table in my bedroom. My friend at the time and I were dressed in dark clothing, had the lights turned red and were saying a bunch of rambles. It was meant to be innocent but I suspect it might have sparked my experiences - maybe I annoyed or triggered something,

I then moved houses again, at 13, and the design of the house (large mirrors and uncovered windows) aided my fear while my experiences excelled fairly rapidly. There were, and still are, so many places for them to hide and emerge from. I would see full-fledged people in my room and down the hall, as well as often feel their touch.

I always thought it was spiritual but I went down the medical and therapy route at the local hospital just in case. No evidence of it being medical was found through numerous blood tests, medication trials and professionals - it was clear my mind was having affects as a result but no one could determine the cause). The specialist told me that I may well be correct, despite his training. After two years, I recently decided it was slowly improving and decided to try to cope without professional help. I believe the next events were unrelated to this.

Two weeks ago, I went to my long-term boyfriend's parents' house for the first time. His mum claims to have special abilities such as being able to see those who have passed and do tarot card readings, which she gets paid by strangers to run in her home. They also live in a district which had many land wars between the Europeans and native people, and she claims to have contact with some of those involved.

Ever since I've got back home, my experiences have started coming back but in new ways too. I can see faces in varying vividness usually when I close my eyes but also pretty much anywhere I'm alone. They are usually women who are in really bad states physically, but are not always.

I have little control over them beyond avoiding situations that make me scared, although that gives them more control In a way. They make me intensely scared on a daily basis and cause a lot of difficulty when trying to use the bathroom, shower and sleep. In five months I need to move out as I'll be 18 but I worry about how I'll cope in my boyfriend's house alone for large parts of fhe day until I find work.

I am not sure if confronting them is a good idea or how I would go about this is a way I'm capable of (due to fear). I also wonder if this could ever turn into something positive.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-29)
Ourtree: Issues do not fear, clearing areas and protection needs to held with ideas you agree with and feel comfortable.
When learnng it is knowledge that will eliminate fear.

I he a look at your situation.
And see you are an individual who is wide open. This equates to being born that way. You wrote you were afraid but I saw you shaking and crying.
A logical western mind and another of a different race almost like standing in two worlds past and present.
The blue orbs I found interesting as it expands.
I did not see or feel this as Malevolent. It is import to develop as uncontrolled panic can impinge on Mental health in your upcoming years. You are quite gifted.

I wish to encourage you to look at your Ancestral roots with your beliefs as this will help you to develop.
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-28)

There are simple ways to protect yourself, like by using the white light/holy spirit to shield yourself and cleanse areas of your house. The white light/holy spirit is darkness's ultimate weakness. The evil spirits/demons, they hate the white light, because it can do serious harm to them if they get too close to it. You can even empower cyrstals with white light and leave them in rooms that have the most activity. However, the spiritual activity may seem to circle more around you. Ever notice this?

There is a foolproof way of connectng your guardian angel that I know of. But it requires supervision to ensure that the angel isn't really a devil in disguise. This is something that you need to be guided through, step-by-step. You say you believe in God and Jesus. Does that mean you worship God/Jesus as The Creator? Or simply believe He exists? I understand what you mean by where to draw the lines between your beliefs and your experiences. I'll tell you this, I am Christian myself, however I still accept my experiences. I acept them in a way that most mainstream Christians would abhor, because my ways are not mainstream. I consider myself as a True Christian apart from the mainstream, because I do speak to spirits, I cross over lost souls, I use my abilities/gifts for good and for Our father's will. Those are all things that most modern day Christians are against...

You won't end up like them. Your soul is strong and seems pure enough to not get that way. These souls suffer a lot. Demons chase lost souls in the spirit realm, and even enslave them if they can. It's really terrible what they do to them. Whenever I see these souls, it breaks my heart. So I tell them to go back home, to Heaven, back to Our Father who loves them very much, His creations. I show them His love for them, including mine, and most of the time, they do end up passing on. I would suggest you try it, but I'd rather supervise while you do so in case anything gets out of hand. Things will improve, just as long as you listen to your soul. You listened to the light that is in your soul when you came onto here searching for answers, right? Let that light within you guide you onto the right path - your true path. You have a great prupose, something not just anyone can fulfill, for it's unique to your soul especially. I can see a big journey unfolding itself to you more and more in the near future:) And honestly, I do not know why they all look so similar. There are dark lost male souls as well, but for some reason they seem to be much less common than the dark lost female souls. Remember when I said that demons chase lost souls around for long periods of time and even enslave them/turn them into their pets? Well, a dark lost soul is a result of that. Either that is what causes them to become dark or them seeing their pervious husband they had before death get with another woman, or seeing a loved one have trouble in their lives to where the soul goes mad not being able to reach them, the regrets they harbor after not being able to fulfill what they could before their death, the list goes on and on. You can help them, though. And I can show you how.

-Do you see faces when you close your eyes? Do you see things like scenes of something happening when you close your eyes?

-Those black orbs are demons. They tend to stay around more and manifest more because of the darkness that has already taken over the world (which involves many factors that I'd rather not list for the sake of keeping this response a little short and neat, but will be something I touch on later). Those blue green ish orbs could be pets that passed away in your lifetime, or other beings (not bad) that tend to stick around you because they like your energy. You can try shining white light into the room when you see the black orbs and watch them float away out of the room or just disappear.

-I'll ask more specifically about your dreams. Do you ever have any dreams of flying? Do you ever have any recurring dreams, like having the same dream over and over? I'd like to hear about the dreams you had when you were younger, too.

I have had an experience similar to seeing and being in the afterlife. And I'd much rather keep this experience private, for sake of my own protection. My purpose has to do with these realms that souls go to after death, yet also while they're alive. So yes, it has to do with the afterlife, but also with the living world as well. It's all connected.
Ourtree (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-27)
Thank you everyone so much for your responses. I am very sorry for this late reply as I am too fearful to reply at home. I really do appreciate all the help and advice - it means a lot to me.

Multiple people have suggested cleansing certain areas and protecting myself. I feel too scared to do anything to the areas (as much as I do want things to improve) but am trying to protect myself to some extent. I wear a necklace my boyfriend gave to me but it doesn't have any stones (it is metal and has a message engraved on it). I am not sure about wearing stones, especially when I'm in the shower. I feel like protecting myself might activate them more,

I also have a problem with trying to connect to my guardian. I have always exclusively prayed to God and I'm not sure where exactly I should draw lines between my beliefs and my experiences. I believe in God and Jesus but am not Christian (although I go to a Catholic school).

Sometimes I feel like I would just rather my experiences stop altogether, but maybe my mind will change once everything hopefully improves. At the same time, I do not want to end up like those girls.

Leading on, how did those girls get that way and why do they all look the same? Why are there no men? They are exactly as Winter_Solace described. I just wish they would leave.

To answer Winter's questions:
- I still see figures in their full forms but usually only for a few seconds or when they're made inaccurate from the bends of reflective surfaces
- About the orbs I see. I usually see a lot of white orbs and short lines which sometimes move around quickly. At night there's more greenish blueish orbs which are rather small, and then black ones which can get as large as people (although usually as large as a ball). The black ones seem consistent like shadows, the white ones are just like spots or fairly bright light, and the blue/green ones are often little dots connected together or just balls which mold into different shapes and seem to spin around
- I have absolutely no idea what I said at the table with my friend. I only know what I put in that paragraph, which I know is not very helpful
- I'm not sure what exactly you mean when you talk about dreams sorry. I don't really have any actual dreams that stick out from the others, but I can remember random ones from when I was younger up until now

Does your purpose have anything to do with what happens to you after death? It seems unusual to me when most people do not have many experiences with this. I'm not doubting it but I'm curious.

I would really like help and will message individuals soon. Thank you so much again
Ayumi_H (3 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-27)
I know how you feel Ourtree, once upon a time I was seeing things in the mirrors of my own home. I know how terrifying it is to see something and feel like you can't control the situation. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are portals like everyone else has said. What I've done to "seal" off the activity is taken a small amount of holy water from my church and drawn four small crosses in each corner. While I'm doing this, I ask God to help me keep out anything that was once coming through. It's helped me feel much safer in my own home. Another small thing I do is lay a small trail of salt under each of my doorways and windows. As salt is blocks them from entering a house.

If you are afraid of trying to cleanse the house, you can always wear protective stones. I personally wear jewellery with Amethyst, Moonstone and Onyx. It helps me "block out" spirits and people's emotions. I know it isn't much but I know how you feel and honestly your not alone in this. You've already got quite a few people more than willing to help out, which is wonderful! If you ever want to talk about anything, you can always email me. I know how lonely it gets when you feel like you can't just openly talk about this without feeling judged. I hope this helps you out:)
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-26)
You are becoming more and more spiritually connected. Do you still see spirits physically in full form? Don't believe that you are crazy or need any medical help. Technically, all mental and emotional disorders are from spiritual causes. I'm sure this already makes sense to you, though. The orbs that you would see, those are energy signatures of spirits around you. Do you see them in colors? I see orbs as well. The white ones are angelic, while blue orbs are usually lost souls. Black is demonic. The spirits you see of girls that look like they are tortured, do they have really long hair? They sorta look like the girl from The Ring movie? Those are dark lost souls. They are tormented souls from things that may have happened to them when they were alive, or even after their death. Their orb color is typically a dark blue. Seeing orbs is a special trait to have. It tells me more about the type of soul you are.

What were the things that you and your friend said together in that house you moved to? It very well could have attracted and formed a connection to some dark or evil spirits (speaking from experience). I'd like to know about your very vivid and most memorable dreams you've had, starting with the bad, please. Do you want help? Do you want to know more about all of this? And are you serious about it?

I mostly agree with all the comments before me. I personally like a lot of what spookvanger says about this post. ALthough, I will add that lost souls or ghosts (human souls) don't do much of anything except follow the bright lights they see in the distance (those who are spiritually connecting more and more, or awakened as well, like some of us). We are like lighthouses to them, as we are the way for them to come back home to Our Father and the realm they belong in. I wouldn't say they would try to do anything as far as scaring the living... Since most of them are scared themselves. They are called lost souls for a reason, since they are lost/confused, in a dreamy state of mind, where they may think they are still alive, or they have an unfinished task. They also have to run away from the "monsters" that prowl the spirit realm, looking for people to feed on, be they living or dead. And fear is useful in the sense that it can keep you alive. But don't let it control you. Lost souls don't have the power to do much unless they are dark lost souls or they are souls that have been converted into evil spirits. Those are the ones who have power to affect things spiritually, even physically to a degree. Those black shadows that you probably see, they are the evil spirits that keep an eye on you, spying on you. But don't let them scare you. Because they can use your fear against you in the worst ways. This is where spiritual combat/self-defense comes into play. One commonly known way of defense is shielding and cleansing using the white light. This is the most effective way to protect yourself, using the white light. It is pure and ever-powerful, being the same energy as The Creator's.

I teach basics on spiritual self-defense, spiritual development, and help in solving spiritual problems. I know your purpose for this world and have a good idea of what kind of soul you are. My email address is on my profile. Shoot me an email and I will show you more of the truth and how to develop your abilities more to where you are stronger.

May Our Father's blessings be upon everyone here.
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-26)
Hi Ourtre,

I agree with the other responses. I just wanted to add that it would probably benefit you in your particular situation with all the spiritual activity around you, that you learn about 2 concepts: 1) how to protect yourself, and 2) how to cleanse the space around you. So basically, it's about learning how to control your psychic gift. The inner power to be able to learn and practice these 2 concepts comes from the single knowing and truth that there is no higher and stronger power in the universe than that of the Divine. This is the same Divine source that you would use to help you control your ability.

I hope this helps a little.

PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-24)
Your story is interesting and you seem to be an old soul. My first thought is you are describing: Portals, and Spiritual sites plus incarnate souls. The old Indigenous Maori people used water as a mirror.

With portals it is a door way so spirits can go back and forth. A sacred site can show many orbs which include the indigenous peoples ancestors plus gods. When tapping in Fear can accompany because a guardian is assigned to ward off Trespassers.

In metaphysical Mirrors can serve as a doorway to look out as well as enter/exit. All the things you have described.

I feel the most expedient route for you is to ask your Guardian and Angelic helper. What is your purpose?
Ask to be given strength and knowledge.

Make a list of what you see and sense. Say you only want the best and highest. Ask if you were once one of the Maori of old? Listen to your dreams.

When it comes to sacred sites we can only ask for permission to be left in peace. Sometimes an offering symbol/name suffices. As these are set in place.

Good journey
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-24)
Good morning Ourtree!
First of all, you have psychic abilities. This is a God given gift which must be developed and not suppressed. Start by doing meditation. I prefer early mornings. If you need guidance, you can find this on the internet at no cost to you.
Secondly, and MOST important, do not fear! Earthbound spirits (Ghosts) can frighten you, but can not harm you. They feed on fear and will become more troublesome if you feed them. Also remember that each and everyone of us has at least one Guide
(Guardian Angel) who looks after us 24/7. Their guidance comes to you through thought and inspiration.
When meditating you will attract beings of a higher order. But I repeat, DO NOT FEAR!
Thirdly, earthbound spirits are also human, only without a body. If they make a nuisance of themselves, don't react, just ignore them. Being
"human" they will grow tired of being ignored and look for someone else to pester.
More information on earthbound spirits can be found in my profile on this site.
I trust that I have assisted in some way.
God bless.

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