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I have always been able to do things that where abnormal compared to other people and that's what I'm writing about.

1-Ever since I was little I could influence the future. Here's what I mean I would watch people playing basketball and I would close my eyes and think "miss" or "make it" and it would work but I would have to hope for it I couldn't say make it but I want it to miss. Sometimes this ability would be reversed, so when I hope "Make it" it would miss and visa versa.

2-I could influence fire. So say their is a candle in front of me I could think of it growing taller and it would grow taller, I would think of it growing wider it did. But I can not make the flame die.

3-I will get dreams where they seem like normal dreams but I have more control over but what is weird is that when I wake up well its hard to explain (I'm going to try to explain it in my experience). Here's an example, I was dreaming I was running in a courtyard (like a collage campus or a fancy place) but with a grass center. And I'm running like I'm trying to escape from something (looking back while running) and I fall by tripping or I was shot. But once I hit the ground I woke up and it was weird it was like my body was on delay and it felt like I gained control over the part of my body facing the ceiling but my body would not move until my whole body had control.

4-I have dreams of the future but I would forget about them until it happened.

5-I would get dizzy. I will get dizzy but I only feel it when their is presence by me and when I get like this I am drawn towards people. Once, I was with my guardian's psychic friend FILLED with spirits but I was standing on her porch and I got this feeling and I stumbled toward my guardian's friend another time I got out of the schoolbus and I got the feeling and I walked towards my sister.

6-My hands get hot. I was watching Resident Evil and a gruesome part came one and my hands got hot. This happens to me whenever I see major gore.

Can anyone tell me what some of this abilities are the only one I know is #2 (Pyrokinesis).

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RandomUser (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-06)
Thanks for the replies.

[at] cayce17 I will try to do pyroK when my hands get hot again.
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-05)
RandomUser, Yeah, you definitely have pyrokinesis, but usually when I use pyrokinesis I use it to light my stove that never lights and I have to feel the fire in my hands and have the fire move from my hands to the stove for it to work, next time you get that hot sensation in your hands and you actually want to use that ability, try that, and let me know if it works. I also think it's cool that you think of something happening and it happens. Maybe it's a really powerful form of mind control.

Maybe when you think for basketball miss or make it, you already know the outcome of the came, and it's a sense you get, and maybe when that ability grows stronger you'll be able to have visions when you sleep or in day time.

I think the dreams you get, that you're lucid in them.

Sometimes when I dream of the future I forget about them before they happen as well.

I hope this was helpful, sorry if any of it was confusing.
Akira (2 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-05)
Saturn in the second house of your natal astrological chart makes you do these things no big deal. If you predict something that will come true even though that's actually not supposed to happen

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