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Greetings everyone! It is a good thing I am not alone and never will be. Most of my life I have been experiencing a lot of things through predictions, empathy, and paranormal related. At first I thought to myself I am just only an empathy. Back then I was being told I have calming, and strong energies! I get sensitive to where I can feel it, and even if I knew something is going to happen. Years back in those dating sites... Some man was so freaked out asking if I was pissed or something! I asked him no what is going on, he was freaking out stating, "You got extremely strong energies OMG!" Being so creep out paranoid nothing explaining a thing to me!

My online brother was not freaked out when he felt my energies, coming forward to me! He has even mentioned I have a lot more abilities but I have not tapped it yet. Even to this day it puzzles me wondering what are the risks tapping it?

A few of those stories are is being communicated with spirits! No no no I do not use any spirit boards or anything in that nature trust me! My latest on happen on Saturday, I was on a FB massager chat with me and two of my friends talking about stuff related to paranormal. Okay fast foreword. My mother calls me (parents were at my brother's house that afternoon and did not come home until Sunday afternoon) so just before I finished the phone call, I thought I heard a spirit joining the call while my mom was speaking! (this is not the first time happen) I felt like, "Um... What was that!?" Here is where this gets crazy, and yes I took the picture before cleaning it up! Next morning which was Sunday hours before my parents came home.

Just as I was getting the little jar of coffee cream from the dining room I have seen one of the plate that was hanging on the left side of the wall crashed! Thank heavens the piece did not get in my feet, to be honest I was upstairs at the time. Good thing to my fur baby Missy was in the bathroom door closed too! I was not suspecting how bad it was after I finished the coffee checking it out wearing my slippers cleaning it up. I noticed the pieces where from the plate smashed all the way towards the end! When I vacuumed it, hearing noises from the pieces as if someone was trying to bury the tracks! Part of the kitchen was not bad at all still leading small to big chunks! What even creep me out seeing a bag of chips ahoy in one of those chairs in the dining room (Funny someone knew where my mom hide it)! When I told my sister about it. She was freaked out!

I hope you enjoy it, more to come!


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Chrissy132 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-08-07)
Hi to all! I am a Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and Clairaudience, had this since the age of 5 years and now in my 50s I embrace this wonderful gift, yes, years ago growing up it felt like a curse, mainly because I had to REPRESS IT, I WAS made to by my Own Mum, who herself was psychic. I think she was trying to protect me the best way she knew how, as in those days any psychic gifts were pushed under the carpet.


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