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Hearing Voices In New House


We recently moved to a new house about a month and a half ago and since we've moved, I SWEAR I hear voices and even conversations (almost like a TV is on in another room but then I realize it isn't a TV). Now that I'm talking about this, I've realized that it's not just at night when I'm on my way to bed and/or sleepy when I hear the voices or conversations, it's happened during the day as well. I have 3 children, so it can get quite loud in the house and I've only heard the voices and/or conversations when it's quiet and it happens in different parts of the house as well. After I go looking for the source of the voices (TV) and realize it's not a TV, I usually go to a different part of the house so I won't hear them anymore. When I first heard the voices I was a little scared but I've actually gotten used to them but last night, the voice I heard scared me and I do NOT want to hear it again!

As I was opening our bedroom door last night, I walked in on an argument or someone getting yelled at AND for the first time, I could tell it was a man's voice. The man was very angry, I could tell just by his tone. I've never been able to understand any words or conversations and same with last night, except I could understand the feeling. And once I went into the room, I didn't hear anything else but now I'm wondering if we've got an angry spirit?

I've always believed in spirits coming around us, as well as believed that any type of activity that is out of the ordinary must be a spirit (my Grandma) telling me something or wanting me to know something. It always seems to be lights with my grandma. I've also had a few other experiences, usually through dreams that I believe I've communicated with those that have passed away. I haven't really told too many people besides my sister, because I think others will think I'm crazy. But maybe I am crazy but I really hope not. I'm hoping someone can explain.

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Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-05)
Hello Jnny_green,

I don't think you ate crazy hearing voices. You may be more sensitive to psychicly hear voices than most people but there is definitely nothing wrong with that. If it bothers you too much I would cleanse your new house. With a proper cleansing they will never come back.


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