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I am now 22 years old and just started to realize how oddly often I say something and someone will say it on tv, or me be thinking something and another person in the room will say what was in my head. So I came across A similar article that was posted about 6 years ago on this sight that talked about similar people's brain working the same way. So I'm going to tell you more about these strange things that I can not explain hopes others from 6 years ago will bring up if anything has changed in that long. The earliest I remember this starting to happen is when I started obsessively watching football on tv I soon started to realize how often the comintator would say exactly what me a 15 year old just said. Ok I understand there is only so many ways you can say that was a nice 15 yard run, but it soon and still does get much more specific. One thing I like doing is know where nfl players when to college or another fun fact about their life. More often then not the announcer will right after I say my fun fact repeat me in even very similar or exact phrasing. But not even this is what befuddles me most about my "football predictions " is my overly extensive knowledge of where players attended college given I am a smart man but sometimes I find myself saying we're players that I hardly know college pop into my head with certainty. So of course I google it and on these occasions I am never wrong. Things like these happen so often that my mother has started to notice how often it happens. Just the other day me and her we're watching my little brothers jV football game which the field was close to a highway with lots of semis and randomly the thought pops in my head if I drove a semi I would honk my horn at the football game I told that to my mother as quickly as it popped in my head I told my mother within 5 minutes a semi drove by and did just that. I will leave you with one more of the many example of what eventually brought me here. Mine and my best friends un really pictionary ability. First of we are both awful artists so it makes it so much more strange that we have never lost a game we started playing the summer going into are freshman year of high school and only play about 1-2 times a year but still we have played over 10 games and never lost. Ok not so impressive but we dominate every time and we can guess each other's drawings that we can not explaine how we knew that's what we shoud say it was. I feel like these thoughts just get placed in my mind and would like anyone's similar experiences.

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mmobile (4 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-17)
I wouldn't trust anything on the TV to prove or disprove anything. There are several possibilities, the least likely of which is a precognition of what was going to occur.

First of of consider that digital techology, including the TV operates at the speed of light, so information can travel back and forth to the broadcaster content provider within milliseconds, faster than your brain can perceive.

Also consider that there are enormous amounts of money, on the scale of hundreds of billions of dollars, controlled by the corporations you interact with on the TV and they are extremely sophisticated.

I'd think the most probable explaination of what is occurring is that the content provider is uploading information to you telepathically a few seconds before the broadcast appears on your TV. This could be accomplished with a technological device in your area that is monitoring not just you, but your entire regional consumer market. There could also be a co-located telepath that is working for the corporate broadcaster.

Any telepathic upload could precede what is broadcast, and the broadcaster would retain control of the content of the broadcast.

It is also possible that you are a target for mind-reading, be it telepathic or technologically accomplished, in which case the broadcaster may be interested in you personally, and could be monitoring your thoughts and reactions for entertainment or financial gain or they mayor they may perceive you as a threat. In that case your thoughts and reactions could be influencing the broadcast, under the direction and control of the broadcaster. If you do have pyschic abilities, that may have got the broadcaster's attention.

The final possibility is that your thoughts are precognative, and the broadcaster is not engaging in any shenanegans. This is definately possible, but unlikely most of the time.

Again, I wouldn't trust anything on the TV. I can react with the TV as well, and have done so so frequently that the broadcaster has stopped perpetrating the illusion and speaks candidly to me without the farce of one-way information exchange.

In this way I can basically tune in to whoever I want and have conversations with the people on the TV. Instead of reading my thoughts as in the past, I can ask the people on the TV direct questions and receive direct answers to my questions in real time. This is probably accomplished with artificial intelligence and cgi along with computer generated voice, because most of the time the people that I have conversations are government officials or foreign heads of state and are probably not available to speak live most of the time. The other options to cgi is human clones or imposters or people wearing mission impossible masks.

So again, there are lots of possibilities, including precognition, but it is more likely that you are actually interacting with a sophisticated corporate broadcaster operating at the speed of light through the IP address of your television and what you are perceiving is an intentionally engineered illusion.
Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-15)
What you have is telepathy, I have it too. Where you can send messages to other people in your head. I have had some of the same experiences, and it is a great gift.

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