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I Was Cautioned


Greetings folks, before starting I would want to say that this is my ever first writing so apologies in advance if this hurts anyone's sentiments.

So, my first psychic story (indicates as of first story I am sharing) goes like this;

It was winter time exactly 6 months prior to the incident, I had strange and very terrifying thoughts running all the time which I couldn't possibly relate to anything in particular by then, but it was a date which was constantly hitting me it was:15th of May, I was very much disturbed with this and asked my dear one's to note down this date as something very big is going to happen. Days passed and I had a roller coaster period of my life and then there comes the date guess what it was more than "big" it was the date when one of my closest person got his second life Yes indeed he was almost dead as he was very badly physically assaulted by a group of men and he was unconscious for almost 72 hours it was on 15th of may he gained consciousness (thankfully). Trust me not only me but even he was starstruck when he realized that I had asked him to be extra careful as the date was approaching near.

Those Days were spent in praying and nights in horror.

Now here's a twist to the story:

I was not with him for several reasons, he took break and went out of touch but before he left I did warned him he took it lightly. All I could do was pray with God for his safety as he was the only one who was going to be away from me others were at least before my sight. Worst part was I had no clue about where exactly he was and what he was doing. Then he buzzed me after 3 months of all this happening. He was still recovering, I was literally shocked by knowing it. My intuition towards him did not stop here I often can feel and can makeout if he is in pain or distress or anything which is related to him though we contact each other intermittently, in fact we both have never seen each other in real. I have no idea why this happens. Anyway that's all with this story.

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InfiniteSpirits (guest)
6 years ago (2015-12-08)
Ok I'm no expert but I think he could be your twin flame someone who is on the same energy levels you are and sometimes when this happens you link in a way of speaking and can tell if things are going to happen to him.

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