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Opposite Dreams


ALL my dreams literally ALL of it is the exact opposite of what's about to happen. And I can use this to predict the future. One time I had a dream about this guy and we were like super close and falling in love in my dream (I don't have a crush on him please don't get me wrong) and the day after, we were literally fighting and until now we're avoiding each other. Another is when I had a dream about my brother not passing law school and a week later he really didn't pass. But then another week later an email was sent to him saying that he was on the waiting list and will be interviewed. HE PASSED. During this time I was thinking that everything's just mere coincidences but then I had a dream about my dad being sickly and dying and all. The next day he went to his doctor and the doctor told him that he lost weight (he's obese) and his health's totally fine. And yeah if it helps i'm really good at guessing things and my instincts are most of the time accurate. Like there was this time I was with my dad and we were playing this color game. ALL of my guesses are correct that's why we won back thrice our money. Uhhh is this pure luck or I don't know it's somewhat weird because psychics should dream of the future not its opposite. But I think it's pretty much the same thing since I can still predict the future it's just not stated directly. It's just now (im 15) that I had a clue that I MAY have psychic abilities and it's really freaking me out. I can't see or hear ghosts and I don't want to. I just feel like someone is watching me all the time and that's it. So to conclude, I'm still not sure whether or not I have psychic abilities

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