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I Think I'm A Psychic?


My name is Brianna!

I believe that I am a budding psychic who has problems controling my powers. Although my powers are small in comparison to others, I have been trying my best to retain it.

Frankly I am scared of being a psychic and I am unsure what to do.

I think they are growing stronger by the day and I have been trying my best to keep it from growing but its getting worse.

Im scared of being able to see spirits in physical form, more so than I have been able to see.

So far I have found that I can sense presences in the room. I can tell when things enter the room and It feels like people moving in a curtain in the air.

Ive also been able to hear whispering from spirits around me even though most of it is incoherent. I have found that there is one in my house in particular that likes to call my nickname "Brie."

I have not had anyone close to me who has died so I assume it Is a wandering spirit.

I have also found myself seeing dark shadows.

I have issues with electronics as well and I have found that they glitch when I use them. Radios change from being loud and soft when I touch them and my ipod crashes frequently.

I am also able to feel what others are feeling and I really hate being in large crowds. I grow weak when I'm around large groups of other people and loud music makes me physically ill (nausea, dizziness).

Sometimes when someone in my house is angry, I begin to feel stress and when I see people in pain, whether on tv or in real life, I get emotionally unstable. I start to break down and cry.

I keep feeling like I am going nuts and its killing me. Its hard to control the boundary between me and others and my energy is constantly sucked away. I'm always tired and weak and I have issues sleeping at night so it makes it worse.

Since I cannot remove this gift, I'm looking to this forum to see if anyone can give me advice on maintaining or keeping it in check.

Most of the people around me (other than my father who sees and feels things) assume I am crazy or I'm lying. I do not have any guidance and thus I feel lost.

Thank you very much for reading my post.

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LBoogie0617 (2 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-27)
I suspect you have empathic abilities and psychic abilities. I agree with the above advice. You need to learn how to shield yourself from the energies you come in to contact with not just ghosts, but from everywhere. Basically everything in the universe is energy. Some people are extremely sensitive to the energetic vibrations around them. This can be from the people or places around you. Crowded places are uncomfortable because you don't just see the energy in a room, you feel it. When the environment is chaotic like in a club or a crowded street you are picking up both the general vibe of the crowd as a collective, and random little snippets from individuals. This can be overwhelming if you don't understand what is happening. You may have sudden mood swings and have no idea why you are feeling the way you do. This is really noticeable with the people you are close to. When they are happy you are happy, when they are mad you are mad. When there is tension in the air you feel like you are on the verge of a panic attack. When you start to feel something and are confused by it, take a moment to examine it. What exactly do you feel? Is this emotion coming from within you, or does it originate from a person or place? What emotions did you sense from the people you encountered today? Did you feel these feelings while interacting with them? When you close your eyes and focus what pops into your thoughts? I have found that by taking the time to analyze exactly what I am feeling it is easier to tell when it is from myself or being picked up from someone or something else. Once you learn shielding you can have better control over the energies you encounter and avoid taking them into yourself. With practice you can still hone and develop your awareness of these energies without getting caught up in them or letting them manipulate your emotions.
jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-24)
Hey BrieAnna,

I see how your awakening is causing you problems. In the story you give many examples of your problems, however the solution is quite simple - you need to spiritually protect yourself.
Everything around us is energy, even feelings. Knowing and constantly reminding oneself of this is one of the most important facts. You may have noticed that when enterting certain rooms or places, you can feel different. You mentioned concerts as a something giving you a headache (literally). It's good that you notice these changes, as they help you get closer to constant awareness of your surrounding.
Another one comes upon the realization of the first one. Since the energy in many forms and kinds is present around us, we need to be able to defend against negative and unwanted infuences. For example many people say they are empath. It's true they are picking up on feelings, but some don't know how to detach from person's feeling. That's where defense comes in handy. There are 3 main forms of defending oneself:
- personal shield
- cleansing energy
- energy orb with a command
Using all of them gives a complex and stable feeling of safety.

Personal shield can be manifested as an armor around the body or bubble or cubic shield further from the body. All you need to do is focus on your energy and focus it to become real strong and dense for the shield to be strong enough no to let any unwanted energies through. If the shield doesn't last long in the beginning, don't worry, practice makes perfect.

Cleansing your own energy is another important part. There are positive and negative energies, as well as natural energy which is neutral/positive in nature, but can be manipulated to harm people or beings. To cleanse off stuck energies on your body or items, you simply need to focus on thing and let the energy spread on the item making the previous energy move away from the object.

The last tool to be used is orb with command in it. You can start with holding your palms together and releasing energy through them to create an orb of energy. It may feel like the energy is pushing your palms apart. When you feel the orb is strong enough, give it a command to do whatever you need at a time: to cleanse you, to make you feel happy, to get rid of your stress. Be creative.

I hope it helps with your situation. If anything you can email me anytime.
Marajade (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-24) still learning how deal with this power myself but good advice from a friend was to not fear an not shut it off talk to others in how control it. I do more reading than talking about it. This my first step... I can give advice that works for me with seeing spirits try stay calm don't fear them. I started seeing them 5 years ago an freaked out my husband helped me by facing my fear I talked to them told them please respect my space an don't come in here it worked. I hope this helps you. Good luck 😊

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