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Nose Bleed


I'm looking for a little insight on something that happened to me a couple of hours ago. First of all I would like to start by saying, I have always been able to see and hear ghosts. I am very in tune with the spiritual realm. I've always been able to. I used to get very scared when I was younger and would try to tune it out but it would only make me see more things. I realized after a couple of prettty intense encounters and some long thinking that I should just embrace it and if possible help the spirits. I've had a lot of help from my mom and aunt who are very spiritual and just know a lot about this subject. I always turn to them for help and they always have great advice to me. With that being said today something happened that I've never experienced before. It started with me getting out of bed and going to my bathroom. While I was in the bathroom I heard my dog snarl and growl. This is very out of character for my dog as he is very calm. I tried calling him into the bathroom but he wouldn't come in with me. After a couple of minutes of me calling him I went to the hall where he and I started trying to get him to calm down a bit and I looked up and there was a ghost right in front of me it was a man in a suit and a blue tie. He was very pale almost a gray or blue color. I could see that he was trying to communicate with me because he was moving his lips and pointing around the room as if he was trying to show me something but I could not hear or understand him. From the moment I saw him I started feeling this very intense headache and a very strong nose bleed. When I tried to communicate he simply vanished and my headache and bleeding stopped. I called my mom and aunt right after but they were shocked and unsure of why this happened. If anyone has any insight on what this could attribute to I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thank you!

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