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Figuring Out My Life Purpose


My parents both were closed minded and very rarely opened their minds. So I started to become like them. Around 12 years old I started to get depressed and confused.

A long story short I stumbled upon a YouTube channel that taught me psychic abilities. After a while I decided to stop using them, but I realized that I should have never stopped because a couple months ago I paid to see a psychic and she told me that my life purpose is to seek certain people out. Which is the reason why I feel blissful when looking back at memories.

So I decided to mediate, connect to my higher self and ask why I am on this planet? While my mind was clear random memories popped into my head. Their were of people and blissful memories. On a second thought, I had been told it's pointless to meet people for no reason. This is also a very good reason to believe it is not why I am here. I would befriend anyone but feel like its Important to talk to people who I feel drawn too. I currently have no friends but people call me charismatic, conversation or encounters is what I limit it too.

This sort of doesn't feel like this is my purpose, and I really want to figure it out. At random times memories don't seem to leave me alone (it's my choice to control my mind). After not talking or even thinking about memories that replayed over and over while mediating, It's impossible that my subconscious mind is programmed to think about these people. Hmmm maybe it's right to forgot and move on? In the past I rarely thought about a former teacher, but I think it's better to control my mind and forget about the past? Please tell me your guys opinion?

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PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-10)

I am a psychic I can see and communicate with people from afterlife. If you think you are alone I can be your friend. Take care. 😁
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-05)
rikiorikio, If yo want, I think I can help you figure out your purpose, I have a group that helps people train others with abilities, and if you really are willing to help people, you'd make a wonderful asset to the team.

Here's my e-mail, and I hope I hear from you: rainashea16 [at]
Liam39876 (3 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-04)
Hey rikiorikio,

In my opinion after reading your story, I think that you should not try to suppress your feelings and memories. I think they could hold a purpose in helping you to come towards your purpose. One thing I recommend doing is writing out on paper these memories, and if they don't make sense to you now that's okay, I feel like later on if you go back some will start to make sense. Another piece of advice that i've been given a lot is to follow your heart of hearts, do what you feel is right because you have to find your life, and your purpose. Others can help guide you on the right track but its up to you to make the decisions. Good luck on finding your correct path.

starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-31)
Well it's possible that she got the message wrong, and you aren't supposed to meet certain people, but one particular person.

Also, I wouldn't suppress those memories. There can be multiple reasons they are appearing:

1. It is your subconscious, being tricked that it is supposed to review those memories in order to find your life purpose. (consider every possibility. The subconscious is extremely gullible, and reminds me of a kid who needs strict parenting from you, the ego.)

2. The memories truly are meant to help you find your life purpose. They are sent by either your subconscious (in this case, he is not tricked, but knows the truth), your spirit guide, or whoever else helps you out (some people like to say angels). These memories /messeages could be popping in when you need them most, and instead of suppressing them, you should be meticulously reviewing every detail, and ask for a spirit helper to help interpret if you can't grasp the meaning.
3. The memories are not meant for you, but are using your imagination to amplify a calling to other spirit helpers to come near you. Perhaps if you are thinking of a certain teacher, and it is important for you to meet him/her again, then your spirit helper is using your memory/imagination to reach out to that person's spirit helper and direct that person to you. In fact, maybe this is all practice for you in order to achieve your life's purpose, which is to learn how to call people by will, using the method I just mentioned. Or perhaps you are meant to call only one person, and all practice leads to that.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and it is important to consider each one. Then you will have to use your psychic abilities to figure out how to know which possibility is the correct path to follow.

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