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Psychic Slavers


Who are these attackers?

They are modern day slavers that use their psychic skills and abilities to enslave US citizens. They attack us in our homes, while we try to sleep in our beds. From what I can tell, they have rich customers that pay them to control regular people and force them into being sex slaves. They lack any moral fiber and cannot be reasoned with. They get off on the power they have over people and seem to enjoy their job.

They were impressed with my psychic abilities and tried to recruit me as a slaver. That's how I know as much as I do about them. I believe this to be true but can provide no proof.

So how could they be found? I suppose if my psychic skills were really that impressive, I could turn the table on them and get into their heads. I haven't really tried this, maybe I should. But even if I knew who they were, who would I tell? Authorities would just think I'm crazy. And my psychiatrist would probably agree. Even if someone did believe me, proving them to be telepathic slavers could be quite difficult.

However, if there was an agency interested in researching this, I would tell them to search for a corporation that has most of its staff working remotely, but has a disproportionately small number of telephone calls and emails. They seem to do all of their communications telepathically. And these remote working employees would be quite highly paid. They offered me 500 thousand per year on multiple occasions.

I was also told there were multiple corporations doing similar work. But that these guys were the best because they have the machine for the technology attacks. The machine is really the key to providing physical evidence. If someone could find these sonic transmitters, and then the company that owns them, it might be difficult for them to explain.

It would sure be nice if some government agency saw these posts, and tried to investigate. But it seems like a long shot, we are probably on our own.

Who should you tell?

It's nice to have the family member that will support you through this ordeal. They may not believe you entirely, but they will know you're going through something and they will want to help. Thank God my sister was here to help me.

Be careful about telling people at work. They will probably think you're crazy. That's what they thought about me. They made me take medical leave and see a psychiatrist. Ultimately it cost me the job.

Seeking help from a medical professional can be advantageous. I was put through many invasive tests, but was also given medication that helped me get through.

Church staff and members will pray for you but won't really understand. Again, it's nice to have the support but it's unlikely to lead anywhere useful.

There are a few websites that can be helpful. Try to find one of these and search the forums for people that have experienced similar symptoms. This is the most likely place to find people who will believe you and want to help.

Sleep Deprivation

The most effective weapon they use is sleep deprivation. They terrorize victims while they try to sleep in their own beds. A combination of a technology attacks and psychic attacks are used until the victim's life becomes so disrupted that they succumb. This is a form of torture that can be very difficult to overcome. They will pick the worst possible time in your life to implement this. I started a new job and had to endure a month of sleep deprivation while I tried to adjust to the new environment. I had to use medication and sleep aids, and use a sound proof sleep chamber to get through it. Find sleep chamber details in the Machine section.

Psychic Attacks

Once they have a psychic link these attacks seem unavoidable. But they can be manageable. The key is not to panic. They will try to use your own brain against you. They will play on your paranoia's in hopes that you will succumb to their wishes. Skilled psychics can even go so far as to increase your heart rate. These attacks can be intense and overwhelming. That is their goal. They want to intimidate you, and make you believe they have more control than they really do.

What I do is try to relax. Think of them as a mosquito. Very annoying, but not really harmful. I have not yet been able to sever their connection to me. But I have learned to control the psychic energy they are using for their communications. They are trying to have this energy take hold in my brain to produce the illusion of control over me. But this is an illusion unless you give them control.

Once I realized this was just psychic energy I was able to discarded it instead of interpreting it, thereby minimizing the effect. I can sense when this energy is present, and use my own psychic abilities to route this energy into oblivion. This will take practice, but if I can do it so can you.

The Machine

I have a degree in physics. One day when I was experiencing an attack, I noticed my aluminum shades were vibrating at the same frequency as the disturbance with in my head. This led me to the conclusion that my attackers are using sonic based technology to supplement their psychic attacks.

The way it works, is they have multiple sonic transmitters that are tuned to converge on the location of my brain. Similar to the way GPS works. By using multiple transmitters they can use lower magnitude emissions that will combine and amplify upon convergence. This is just my theory I have no proof this is how its done.

This type of attack has a unique feeling. It's used primarily to cause sleep deprivation in leaves the victim unable to sleep with a feeling of anxiety, and somewhat annoyed. It can be tuned to be subtle or quite invasive. This attack method can be confirmed by moving your head. Since its tuned to the exact location of your brain, moving your brain to a new location will require the machine to be retuned. This will give you a moment of relief.

My solution to this type of attack was to build a sleep chamber in my basement that would protect my head from sound waves. Basically, I surrounded one third of my bed with mass loaded vinyl. This is a soundproofing material. This chamber was very effective. While I was researching this I found others used rocking chairs to keep their head in constant motion and prevent the machine from maintaining a location lock. I put mine in the basement because it was the most protected from external Sonic emissions. Location may be irrelevant with a properly engineered sleep chamber.

I wrote the above a while back, there is more to the story if people express interest.

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Blitzeagle (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-15)
i went through something similar, could you email me so we can discuss this?
Chickadee1948 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-23)
You wrote:"I surrounded one third of my bed with mass loaded vinyl." That material will not attenuate or eliminate the EMF fields used to control our thinking. Try shaping fine copper mesh, or copper screening into a cap or hat, and you don't need to shield your entire bed.
Hint - Google Faraday Cage.
aurorea (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-20)
Email me immediately. I'm going through something similar and have some information you might want to know.
Blossom94 (2 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-19)
Hey hifiux
I'm Blossom, your story sounds interesting, I went through something similar in a way, would you like to email me? We can chat about our experiences, compare notes
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-07)
You are not crazy. Look up ELF. Extreme Low Frequency weapons. It uses very low radio and sonic frequency to disrupt natural brain frequencies or wave energy. The military has been experimenting with it for years for many applications. They also have microwave weapons to intimidate and disperse crowds. 😕 It is not psychic energy but can affect your psyche.

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