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When I was living with my old roommate, he had a couple (an actual couple) staying with us because they had no where else to go, they were really cool, we would smoke and play games you know people stuff.

One day I realized, how similar they are to my old foster parents back where I'm from. My old foster parents were mentally abusive towards me and each other, they were toxic and just crazy, the foster father was tall and skinny with short hair (he use to do a lot of drugs and so did the mother) the mother is short and got some meat. The couple that were staying with us are both very mentally abusive towards one another, the boyfriend is tall and skinny (does a lot of drugs) and girlfriend is short and got some meat. The foster mother loves puzzles, Disney and movies, she also did meth when she was younger and was a bartender for a while. The girlfriend also loves puzzles, Disney, and movies, she does coke (the boyfriend too) and was a bartender for a couple of years. The foster mother had very long curly hair when she was younger, the girlfriend has very long curly hair, the foster mother can talk up a storm, the girlfriend literally does not stop talking.

They (the parents) both would always talk to me about how they use to be homeless together and how the mom helped the dad when he was homeless and on drugs. The father had long hair when he was younger, the boyfriend had long hair for a while but cut it.

I know this could be a stretch but I just find it really weird, Being around them was like being around the younger selves of the parents.

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