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Analysis of a Dream About 9/11


I have had several prophetic dreams as a child. Nothing significant. I had put * surrounding the symbolic word in my dream to help explain my interpretation. This Dream takes place in *New York City*. I was with a childhood friend. The friends name was *Joe Lucen*. We were in my parents home, specifically the *garage*. This friend presented an explosive device to me. The device was constructed of a elongated *rectangular candle* which sat *sunken* in the center a *glass* *globe* or sphere that was cut through the center which resembled a bowl or a *half* of sphere. It was filled with *sand* midway. The boy explained to me "To detonate the device the *candle* must be *ignited* and the *rectangular* *candle* must be *toppled*. I pleaded to this friend not to do this here my family lives here. He ignored me. He couldn't light the candle. Nothing happened. It was a dud. I was relieved.

So we left and went around the corner. This boy had another identical device *(#2)* Rectangular shape candle, globe, sand etc. He placed this device the *fuel tank* of a car. He lit the candle then toppled the candle into the sand. I turned an ran as the candle fell into the *globe*. There was a tremendous *explosion with smoke and debris coming behind me.* Similar to the scene that many of might remember from the news. The dream was over.

The significant factors I thought were about the dream were:

New York = Manhattan

Garage = 1st bombing in the WTC garage in 1993 not successful in toppling.

Rectangular candle = Shape of a skyscraper or one of the Twin towers

1/2 Of Globe or sphere = *World* In connection with *World* Trade Center -1 of 2 buildings

Candle = Fire, Time is running out or The candle will burnout

Toppled = Collapse or toppling of buildings

Fuel Tank = Fuel was the cause of the ultimate destruction on 9-11. (Jet Fuel)

Sand = Middle East or Something that was turned to dust or rubble.

Glass = So many lives were shattered.

#2 = 2 Attempts on WTC

Joe Lucen = I couldn't figure out a connection with this individual until a few years later on the anniversary of 9-11. I knew of only one person who actually died as a fireman on 9-11. He was an acquaintance, his Name Was Jeff Olsen. We went to the same school. The only memory I had of him as a child was of him riding his bicycle on the same street in the dream.

So still what is the connection?

Joe Lucen = J.olsen If you say both names slowly they will sound very similar in nature.

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angleGirl111 (1 stories) (113 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-25)
My psychic friend psychic friend is named Josiln oh and
Me amd my friens are psychic and they all had a dream of a bomb hitting new york (I kind of had that dream but I it wasent in dream form just random thoughts).now theirs a terror alert...
bird (5 stories) (23 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-07)
Hello Leads,

A very interesting dream! It amazes me how many people had a dream about sept, 11 (myself included) in the months and days before it happened. It also amazes me how these dreams were all so very different, but shared the same basic qualities (planes, terrrorists, fire, smoke, towers).

It was my dream of 9/11 that prompted me to start on my own quest of acknowledging and expanding my abilities.

Good luck to you on your journey:)
daizyblackrose (3 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-05)
I had a dream that I was at my old middle school & some guys that looked the guys who highjacked the plans. Were taking students from the school & loading them on a bus they highjacked. They had guns with them, I was one of the students in the dream. But none the less the bus crashed & I woke up at that point. Now I was only 19 at the time & after waking I went out to my living room to see what every one was watching. What I saw was scarry. Then I thought bout the dream & it shocked me to think what the dream was really about. After that day I've kept a better eye on my dreams & world events.

❤ Always,
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-18)
I just got this flash this morning don't know where to put it... Just said it like this 130 die... That is all *plane crash* that's what came to my mind, okay that's it.
Kay (guest)
15 years ago (2007-05-18)
I had a dream 1 month prior to 911 and I feel that if I had contacted the FBI and told them before it happened they might have listened. I drempt that I was standing at a window in a house that I did not recognize. I saw a huge plane coming and it was moving fast then all of a sudden it slowed and broke into 3 pieces. The front and middle were the exact size and then the small end of the tail. One man fell out of the tail of the plane and he was in a suite. My heart started pounding and I was running through this house trying to get out to help people. Then I suddenly felt calm and walked over to a dresser of drawers and opened the top drawer. It was deep and filled with pictures of people that I did not recognize. I was sifting through these pictures with my hands. I saw hundreds of faces. Then I woke up. I don't understand why I had this dream if it were not meant for me to do something. I didn't realize what this dream was about until a month later. I usually have dreams that have meaning when I am under stress. Sorry I just can't get it out of my head. I hope someone can help me put this to rest. I am a Christian and do believe in dreams that have a meaning. After all Joseph was able to interput the Pharaohs dreams.
DreamWarrior (1 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-07)
very interesting, sounds to me like the world trade center(s) might have actually had bombs in both tragedies. I know there is a highly regarded theory that the world trade centers were bombed in 2001. Even Hunter S. Thompson was writing his supposedly new story about how the government knew it was goin down and that it was actually bombed along with the plane crashes. He then supposedly "shot himself" and committed suicide. Similar to how the FBI terminates people by murdering them and setting it up as suicide (Marilyn Monroe). Well... Just a conspiracy theorists point of view. Just what I got from the story at first , who knows

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