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Sleep Paralysis and Voices


I laid in my bed trying to pass the boring hours after meditation and after laying there for a good while, I heard all these voices come out of nowhere, so I opened my eyes and looked at my tv and radio, which were off, and I looked at my hand which I tried to move slowly but it didn't work and then I just jerked up and my heart raced, the voices and sounds were gone. My first experience that didn't stop there. I had others, some were just cluttered voices which I think was just my subconscious filtering and working with my current thoughts. Then there were other times that I felt like I was being directly spoken to.

A friend and I came back from a long day of walking around universal and I enjoy my sleep time so I was so ready for bed. My body fell right to sleep but my mind took a while. Body relaxed and mind awake, I get paralysis which I was prone to shake out of now on impulse. I looked at the nightstand next to my bed and I think I saw a pencil before I laid down, probably from writing my dreams, and my mind thought I was holding it as my arm hung off the bed and my nightly imaginative mind said "don't hang your hand off the bed the devil will pull you under". So I tucked it in and shook out off more paralysis and heard a voice that said something like "leave or get out in my head". It took a while for me to get what I heard and eventually, I went to my friend's bed, the voice sounded feminine and told me to leave and I just said no and finally went to sleep.

Next morning, I told my friend about what happened she said she felt something in the room last night. There was one other time that was different. I was sleeping on my back, which seems to provoke paralysis and my "hearing". I was paralyzed and heard 2 different noises one was like beeeeeeeeeep, the other reeerr reeer reeer reeer, then I rolled over or I thought I did and woke up on my back.

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A1600 (11 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-28)
I've had an experience like this. My brother and I were making food in the kitchen, and I opened the basement door to let our cat out because she was scratching on the door to be let out. I opened the door and the cat wasn't there but there was this voice or something that screamed "GET OUT!" at me and my brother. I think that maybe the voice you heard telling you that you needed to leave that night was some kind of negative energy, or maybe a poltergeist or demon. I would recommend that you don't worry too much about it right now, look behind your back when you're at your friends house, but don't worry a lot. If something like this happens again though, I would recommend that you try to keep your distance from her house at night. I have a lot of experience with ghosts and other kinds of negative energy. I hope that I've helped.:)
missie_dee2003 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-04)
I had one experience where I was not able to move anything but my head. I was trying so hard to get up from the couch (during he day) when I hear this voice telling me "give me your hand and I will help you" that's when I realized I could move my hand because I felt a touch, I jerked myself so hard that I jumped out of what ever state of sleep that I was in. I knew that I didn't recognize the voice but it was calming to me but that the situation was scary, so scary. I have had other experiences over the years but none where anyone spoke to me. Some where I knew there was someone or something else in the doorway or coming in the room where I was, but couldn't see them, only felt a presence.
Josh12490 (16 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-27)
I also had this happen the exact same spot I played with a ouija in my shed out in shed in the backyard where I also came face to face with a demonic type being but I couldn't sleep at all going all over my house with a blanket I for some reason just walked out and layed in my shed closed my eyes and almost immedietly fell asleep I came to quite some hours later hearing people circleing me speaking about someone which I figure was about me considering I couldn't move at all I could breathe fine but even my eyes were in paralysis they didn't sound like bad people but as I thought it was people just walkin around me or right outside my shed (was a very very small shed) I immedietly got up as soon as I could and looked around but no one I ran outside and no one and then it hit me that's where I played with the board possible portal I opened in my shed? (but then again I was face to face with this demon before I played with the board and I had always had a bad feeling about this backyard I normally refused to go out there alone which also makes me wonder why I had the urge without any thought at all to go sleep in there)
skinnydc (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-26)
it seems most of us are posting here for the same reason, my only advice here is defiance and above all no fear. Yep these dreams at the time can be a bit scary. I personaly have had them since I was eight and as I get older I seem to get them more often. It got worse last night tho, hence why I'm posting here. I live in a 13th century building in Salisbury England, its now a pub/bar of over 100years of which I am the manager. There were disturbances when I moved in 2 years ago, presence, unexplained noises even electrical appliances being turned on and off. So I left but came to stay intermittently, as my inlaws actualy own the pub, sleeping with the tv on seemed to block out any unusual activity or interference so I moved back.
However, in that state between sleep and awake I have experienced sleep paralysis more than usual but it seems to be taking a sinister twist. It happens about three to four times in one dream and I can get out of it simply by wiggling my toes... Sounds silly eh? But it has worked for me for years until last night when I actually had what could only be described as an intruder in my dream swing a punch or possibly tried to stab at me, not really sure which. It missed and I grabbed the still swinging arm in defiance and stared this thing in the face (The face wasn't familliar however and the attire which it wore resembled a tatty black hooded robe similar to a fancy dress costume I used to sell in a previous work incarnation) I have never done that before and felt very in control within my dream for those few moments where for all my years I have not had that level of control, seeking it or not. The dream ended and I awoke very shaken yet defiant. Screw em. These are my dreams and this is my home, live with it and don't be scared!
nikki25 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-12)
I had an experience last night. I woke up to something on me I couldn't open my eyes but I felt it! It was as if someone was breathing over me and putting pressure on me as to hold me down! I couldn't move! Then my head started to shake then I started praying then I could pull myself up! I have been real negative lately! I'm thinking it has something to do with that, as if something is attached to me!? I have had friends and family members have had stuff attach to them! I don't know what is goin on!?
ScreamingMantis (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-27)
I don't really know how to describe my dreams well, but here it goes.

First I feel like my whole body's in a massive cramp, a few seconds later "something" is forcefully grabbing my legs (and ankles), trying to pull me off my bed. I try to struggle back, but it doesn't work. I find myself on the floor, panicing, I'm not being able to breathe, I'm trying to crawl back to bed, but that something's still pulling me back. I'm trying to shake my arms, I start pinching myself & screaming and then I finally wake up. Everything feels so live and intense that my whole body's aching even when I'm already fully awake. To sum it up - it's a horrible experience.I'm having these dreams every week and it has gotten to the point where I'm almost afraid to go to sleep, because I know this thing will happen again.

Any help will be much appreciated.
HU (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-12)
Some of the things mentioned here have happened to me to, But slightly differant.
Im sleeping and about half way thorugh the night it feels as if someones grabbing at my body, trying to pull me down into my bed, I try screaming but it doesn't work. I try escaping from it but I can't move. It stared since I moved about 6 years ago, and its only in my bed. Then when I do wake up my stomach pyhsically hurts, and aches the next day. Also either the same night as this happens or the night after I have a dream I'm being chucked round my room by something invisible, again I can't scream or move, and its laughing at me. I've told only a few friends that I trust about this, one said its my muscles contracting or something, (which I do hope it is) and another said it was demons, but the ones I have told have never heard of it before. I don't know why its hapening to me or even what it is. I'm only 13 and it scares me like hell every time. Has anyone else had anything similar or anything? I don't know who to tell or anything. Please if you know anything or have any advice, I'd really apreciate it. XX thanks
jenlone39 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-04)
I have had paranormal activity going on in my house for the past 7-8 years. It had just gotten a lot worse over the summer. It has now gotten to the point where everytime I lay in bed, I feel something get into bed with me. I am not even asleep yet. I have had my daughter and sister get in bed with me to make sure it isn't in my mind. We all can feel something moving up from the bottom of the bed. It usually just sits on my feet and they are so heavy, we can't move them. Now today, I was going to take a nap and it started the same way, but at the same time, I felt fingers moving under my pillow. I have been told that it is a group of men, a man and little girl, and the most common one is a young spirit (I feel it is male). I don't know what to do. I am up all night now because I am scared to go to sleep. I have had EVP's made from a paranormal team that had a man and little girl talking. The girl was telling me to help her and to take her home. The man seemed mad and was laughing and saying, "don't touch em." I have had 2 psychics try to help me remove them without success. I have had my house blessed twice, once by a priest, I have had sage burned in every room, and none of it is helping. Please let me know if you can help me. My mom just passed away 4 weeks ago today and all of this is making me crazy!
Jmari3 (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-19)
My God, I thought I was the only one who ever went through these things. This has been happening since I was a small child, I am 43 now. When this happens you must call upon Jesus. I have gotten so that after the initial terror - my mind goes right into saying "JESUS is my Lord and Savior" Even though I am sleeping my mind knows this is the only way to rid the evil that hovers over me or surrounds me.
Once it (evil) was sitting on me and my husband who was sleeping next to me saw it while he was sleeping. We both woke up moments later and were quite shook up by the whole experience. We both had seen the same evil.
There was someone who wrote earlier about the Holy Spirit. That person was right on. If you invite the Holy Spirit to live with-in you NOTHING else can get in you. NOTHING. So as scary as my life has been at times Jesus has always protected me. It is also important to
not speak to it - when you have conversations with it in your head or
otherwise when you are awake you are giving it much power.(your power)
I pray that God will bless you all.
Sharisa (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-07)
Now I thought that I was the only who had this. I too, told my friend and they all laughed about it. In Thai we call it P'UMN, or something. I don't know the exact spelling. But I feel like someone is sleeping on top of me, and in my head, I hear a lady screaming at me in sucha demonic voice. I have it everywhere I go. Usually the nights I get them, I feel like someone or something is watching me. I'm Buddhist so I'm told this little prayer, but it takes a while for the scary presence to go away.
Whats going on (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-18)
I'm freaking out right now, this shadow like prescence you are talking about is exactly the thing I'm experiencing. I always called it the 'poke' cause it likes to poke me, grab me, cover me up, it has demonic laugh, and I am completely paralyzed, I pray usually saying an "Our Father", and I close my fist hoping for a moment I can move and swing at the beast. It will not let me see its face and it never has, I've thought it was a woman before, and I've also thought it was a man once, I now don't think its either. I tell my friends about this and they start to laugh, but then after awhile they can tell by the seriousness in my voice that its a big deal. Its so weird becuase when its actually happening I feel like this is the most real thing ever, and yet when I finally wake up after the full night I usually don't even think about it or think its a big deal until I remember, and all I can really remember is that it seemed real.
Mike (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-18)
I have eposides peroidically.
Any time I take a nap after 6p.m. When I go to sleep that Night I am gaurenteed to have episodes.
When I do have them, If I don't get up and walk around right after I finally wake up, I will have numerous attacks the same night. Once I counted 10 coninuous episodes in one night.
I found the best way to keep the episodes from happening again the same night is to force yourself to stand up and get some water. Turning on a radio or television also helps me.
Also as for the problems of not being able to breath. This is just in your head. As much as it feels like you are not breathing in reality you really can, and as hard as it is to do so, just relax and wait it out.
Karenlee (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-06)
Wow, all of your experiences sound quite amazing and scary too. I've had those where I wake up and feel either like I am being choked or someone is choking me. I remember times when I may have felt like I couldn't breathe for a few seconds or so. And the times before this, I used to wake up feeling like my bed is being rigged or an evil presence is around my bed. I have mostly gotten out or jumped out and walked to the living room, it was so weird. Even saw three hags in a pyramid form.
Well, guess what I may have partly good news so you can at least feel better knowing what it is most likely to be; I was told by a therapist I was seeing, that those experiences I had described were called "hypnogogic hallucinations", you can type this in the search engine and believe me you may feel like that it relates to your episodes. I used to have those paralyzing experiences as well. It's basically night terrors and hypnogogic hallucinations. Hope I helped but I am pretty sure some of you knew this. I am surpised though about the astral thing, I think it's called something like 'astroplexy'? As I've heard Sylvia Browne mention this once on 'Montell', don't you watch that show? I watch every one of em'.
VA (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-01)
This morning I awoke and laid in bed and felt this something holding my right arm down, I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I could only pray in my mind... I could suddenly move and thought that maybe I had fallen asleep, I closed my eyes and it happened again... This time it was on my chest... I could see this smoky gray shadow and I could not speak... I prayed again and asked God to protect me... I couldn't speak... When I could my husbands name barely came out of my mouth... It stopped... The only thing that I makes sense as to why I felt that is because I was watching the discovery channel "A haunting"...two days in a row...
Boom (guest)
15 years ago (2007-07-30)
I suggest you stop meditation. Meditations are dangerous, because you are emptying your mind, at that time you are most vulnerable to the unknown, not that at other times you will have advantages against it. But while you meditate it is easier for spirits to enter you. Spirits are indeed very real. Do not ever, ever trust any spirits, other than the Holy Spirit, because you never know what spirit is it. They are good at masquerading. Hence, be warned.
scificis (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-22)
this also happened to me , last night , the first few times it was only typical sleep paralysis, AFTER my REM sleep. But the last 2 times... The first there was a sine sound, like an hf frequency beep- which lasted the whole time I was parilized, not able to move or yell like I was trying to...
this last time was by far the worst I had just had a hard day, and was really really tired, but bout 1...2 an hour after I fell asleep, it happened, just like usual... But this time I heard a rather demonic sounding voice, I have an auditor memory... And I have never heard anything quite the same... It had no rhythm, and I'm most certain it was in some other kind of language.
right before the voice tho...(ive never more than heard or felt things during these "episodes") I seen my light go on and off, only very dimly, followed by what at first I thought was my mom... But surly not as I felt a strong male presence, and once I got a glance through my half opened quivering eyes, which was seemingly moving between the front of my bed and through the computer desk, back and fourth, the thing appeared almost like a shadow... However 3d.
I awoke (on stomache, which was how I fell asleep) and no one was home (not unusual),
i don't believe in satan jesus or god...
and I sometimes suffer from depression, I have only had one astral projection years ago... And was nothing like this... So I'm not sure what this could be... I have a strong mind, which dosent seem to play tricks...
Mort_De_Peur (1 stories) (7 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-22)
I've had the same kind of experiences too but I can talk, move around in my house, see around. Most of the time When I am levitating around in my house I end up with some spirits. Now What I'm trying to do is not to be scared. I've encountered what I could describe as peacful spirits and some with very bad temper, but yet nothing like demons. Sometimes I can see them a little bit, sometimes I can't. I don't have to ask. If the spirits don't want to be seen, most of the time I feel it, sometimes I don't know if I can look at them, I try... But even tho I try I just can't focus my sight on them. I can sometimes talk... Sometimes not. Sometimes I am allowed to listen only. It's like if some were shy or something. What scares me is when I can't see them and come right next to my ear and talk very close... Oh god! My heart!

I end up being scared, scream, and the experience end and I get back and wake up. Everything's new to me also. Trying to figure it out myself.

All I can say, good luck and hope it helps you.

Night (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-21)
You are on the edge of astral travel, what ever you think of in astral travel will become real. If you have fear then you will meet your fear, if you have love on your mind then you will meet love. If you fear demons or the devil he will apear. If not then you shouldnt have anything to worry about, unless you bring demons to you by sin, like the use of witch craft, and that stuff is a sin for a fact.
DJ (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-20)
I have had similar experiences since childhood. I am 21 now, and still haven't made peace with it. It usually happens lying on my back, as I am just falling asleep. I will fall asleep without knowing until I try to move and can't. I can't talk, and sometimes can't breathe. It doesn't feel like a dream... I can think surprisingly clearly. It's almost like I can fell that my body is sleeping, but my mind is fully allive. I know that I'm asleep, so my eyes must be closed, but I have no trouble seeing. I've never heard voices, only strange sounds. I don't normally feel a presence, just the feeling that I don't belong, or that I'm in danger, or vulnerable. I try to stay calm as long as possible, which usually isn't more that 10-15 sec. After that, I shake violently until I wake up. I've done some research in astral projection that offers the explaination that the reason you can't move is because you have left your physical body. This also explains why you can't talk. The reason you can see is because you are now in a non-physical body which can see, and hear on certain radio waves and magnetic frequencies. This isn't actually considered astral projection, but maybe a form of it, or a launching pad for it. I have also found that a lot of doctors think it is a sign of narcolepsy, and also noted that a large percentage of people who experienced these episodes of "Sleep Paralysis" either had undiagnosed depression or were being treated for depression. Treatments include Ridilin and Anti Depressents. There is no cure for narcolepsy, and not everyone who has sleep paralysis has narcolepsy. I am not a doctor, and I am not giving medical advice. I am just sharing what I have found in a hope that it might help. Here are a couple of links to the websites where I got most of my information take a look. Http://
sleeper2 (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-12)
i get the same thing.
I'm asleepy then all of a sudden in my sleep I get pains in some certain places, like my neck, or I stop breathing or something like that and I have to force myself to wake up and now I'm to scared to go back to sleep
because I'm worried its gunna keep happening.
katz (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-08)
Ive had about 5 or more of the same experience but no voices. I feel a force that paralyses me while I am trying to fight it. It pulls me out of my bed and sometimes at full speed other times slowly I am traveling around the house. I try to fight it to wake up, I alway feel its a male force trying to take me out of my home, but I always force myself to wake up, because In the dream I am constantly saying you can't let him take you out. I can't sleep at times because I am afraid.
treyci (1 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-06)
i've had many of these kind of experiences.

usually, I'm laying in my bed about to sleep, and I feel like someone is coming into my room and I feel like it's someone I know, usually one of my roomates. Most times I see my light turn on and feel "my roomate" walking over next to my bed but once they're that close "my roomate" becomes a completely different person, always a stranger. In my earlier experiences the person would always only say my name slowly twice and I would feel like it was about to touch me. The whole time this is happening I can't move or speak. It feels like I'm holding my breath in because once I awaken I gasp for air. It's kind of scary but sadly it happens so often that I'm used to it now.

one of the first times it happened, I wasn't sleeping alone. I was sleeping on my side with my back to my door and I felt like something was trying to pull me off of my bed. I tried to call out to my friend that was sleeping with me but I couldn't move or speak. Right after it was over, there was about a 30 second break and then it happened again.

another time, it was about 3 a.m. And completely dark. I woke up and all of a sudden all this light was coming in through my window, my room was so bright.

another time, I actually felt something standing over me and it grabbed me and held me for a few seconds.

most recently, I felt something actually get in bed with me because you know how the bed sinks in when someone else gets in... And then it blew in my ear. This particular experience has happened twice, within two weeks.

my mom would always tell me to pray but I'm not that religious but I have found something that has worked for almost 2 months for me. I wear a brown cloth scapular that looks like a rosary when I go to bed. It's a Catholic religious item. Ever since I started wearing this to bed, I no longer have these experiences.
Draven (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-03)
I had an experience where I was sleeping on my front with my head turned to face my alarm clock. I remember seeing the time at tweleve something before I fell asleep. I then opened by eyes as if I was waking up but it was completely dark. I then tried to move and could not. It was the scariest thing I'd ever felt. I then tried to call out for help but I my voice was slow and deep and couldn't be understood. I then felt as though something like a shadow; with what can be best described as red eyes, was in the room with me. My range of site was limited so it could have been my alarm clock. Thinking to my self "I'm not scared, I'm not scared" I feel someone come close to my ear and in a deep raspy voice say "are you scared now" I then feel a pair of hands push on my back for what seemed less than a second and I woke up. A minute or two had passed by and my ordeal felt like forever. My whole body had the pins and needles feeling. And I could still feel the hand prints on my back. I dared not to fall asleep after that. This was the worst one that I had. But I'm still trying to figure out if it's in my head or something else.
Agnez (guest)
16 years ago (2007-05-10)
I also have had dreams like this. And like you raven I get the terror feelings and I try to fight it... However sometimes I get a sinking feeling like I am slowly drifitng down and I panic and try to force myself up like I am in water. And I am sinking and I am trying to swim to the top (the only way that I can describe it) Well the one time I heard a lady tell me to say with her she repeated this over and over again. Till I stopped sinking. I said "Who are you?" however I could tell my lips didn't move it came out of my head... And the entire time I could feel my body on the bed. She told me was "Amy's Mom" I was expecting my guide or something not a spirit so it freaked me out and I started to panic. At that point I kept waking only to be pulled back down it was horrible and I fealt like I was being possesed since I couldn't stop it. It was horrible.
joust (guest)
16 years ago (2007-04-28)
ive also had the same experiences, and I believe what your having is your mind playing tricks on you, if you ever have any again like screaming etc tell your spirit guide to help you if its a spirit shouting and they help you straight away. I have the ability to sense when a spirit is in the room, you find that you feel stoned when there is lol, but without the high its like your senses get increased. Hope that helps you, god bless
Sleeper (guest)
16 years ago (2007-04-26)
I have had the same experiences as raven and I have been unable to move also. I can't tell although if its my mind that makes the black forms because I'm to freaked out or if they are demons. I hope it is all in my mind, your thoughts can be projected and made real in that state of mind. I think its because I'm on the edge of astral travel and just need to think myself out of my body like I hear you must do in order to astral travel. I am not new to these dreams and I think you must just be brave and try to think your way out of your body. But I have never really had a complete OBE so I can't be sure. Also they stop when your in your dream and it ends faster.
raven (guest)
16 years ago (2007-04-26)
ive had the same kind of experiences you've mentioned. Almost always when you sleep on your back it happens but also can happen any position. Usually begins with a buzzing or ringing or you feel like what a seizure may feel like. Then I would have this horrible sense of terror and then like I would be able to sense or see behind or over me like a black form that I'm positive is a demon. The worst experience I had I felt like if I could not wake up I was going to not only die but I had this feeling like I would seriously lose my soul even though that makes no sense. I don't know how but thank G-D that time I woke up ever since I've had numerous experiences and I don; t knwo how to get them to stop. So anyway your not alone.

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