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Rain Rain Come Down on Me


Today was a tragic day, I knew when I couldn't get to sleep for two days straight and I was restless. This morning my headaches, the constant ones I had, were worse than usual and I felt really angry and knew that something bad was going to happen. The weather was shifting like crazy or so I knew from my headache, the forecast had said the worst to be be later... Or over way to soon... I, however, from my headaches constant build up of pressure, knew when it would be at its peak because that's when my headaches get horrible. Well, they build up in advance so I have a few days notice for really bad storms and it won't let down until it is completely over.

It was 6:34 in the morning and humid clouds were forming and the rain had already hit in many places, as soon as I went in the building, it started to downpour again. Then it stopped off and on. Later after lunch around 12:35 I was laughing a ton, but not in a good way, almost in a nervous breakdown from the weather... But more than that. So, after class I walked up to one of my friends, she looked "wronged" so I asked her what was bothering her. She had told me a close friend of her's had just passed away and she was leaving right now to see her. Earlier I was thinking about suicide before she had mentioned that through my own self, then I realized it was to see her friend die. I hugged her and left.

Later on I went over to tutor elemtary kids. Lightening was constantly flashing in front of my face as I was walking to the school, surprised nothing happened to me. I went in the building and not two minutes later, it started to downpour again, except this time explosions of thunder and lightening and then a mini tornado, if you will, occurred right outside of the building and flung the door open one of the teachers were holding. The kids were all going nuts, so we went to the hallway and sat down against the walls like in those drills. I looked into this kids eyes and I felt sickened to be in that part of the building, I felt it "unsafe". I wanted to scream, but I didn't, I kept staring and I felt like I was picturing the sides rip off and a few kids get hurt. It turns out another school in the area had that happened and the side had gotten ripped off, and a few kids were hurt, I don't remember if any were killed or not.

My headache has finally calmed down a little but I feel really tired, and I feel everyone around me exhausted, it is just a really rainy day haha.

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Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-25)
That happens to me and could happen to everyone else. I feel ill when its a awful rainy day. 😊

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