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Today I finally felt something... Worthwhile I guess you could say. I have to leave something out because I can't share everything, but I will tell you the things that I can or feel like sharing. I met a very special person today that I cannot possibly put into words. You see, I am able to see people's energy and stuff on a daily basis as I walk down the roads, common places and pick out people... As I am sure a lot of you can too. I have been able to see people's real nature for a long time, even ones that think they are sneaker then the rest and try to mask themselves in their own "mind" so to speak, but you can still see past it. That's why I love animals, they don't have to do that... They simply are nature. I love nature for that reason as well.

Lately for the past few months, my speech and my communication with people as been getting harder to literally talk to people. It's really hard to explain... But most of the time my brain just freezes and stops right in the middle of a sentence and just won't speak until a few more minutes. I have been having troubles fighting a war within my body. I always hated having a "gift" or whatever and being able to see things and do things, but not being able to cure myself... Thinking to myself... How can I do all of this... But not fix myself? Simple, I did not have anyone to help with my blockage of energy. I needed someone else... Not a doctor... I needed someone who understood energy... And even more than that... I used numerous hand gestures to communicate with her. She helped with the blockage of energy I have been having for over two years... And even longer... It builds up so much that you can't fix it yourself... Or even anyone else on one try. I felt circulation again in some areas and the energy manipulation that I felt today was overwhelming.

I worked with so much energy and did so many things, that I have never really done before... Because I never had someone else there that understood to help me. She is a professional, but we reached each others levels, and while I made a line in my mind she had her hands nearby and I focusing on pushing it out towards her. She pumped energy back into me certain stings, burns, constraints, spaces, thumps... Each different, each communication very important. Our simple gestures made us laugh and worry and we still have much to accomplish, but I am so ever have glad to have met her and can't be any more gracious.

I can finally have someone to help me with this, instead of people that just walk by you not being able to understand. It feels wonderful, even though I am in pain, I can feel good today knowing their is hope and I do feel good about this, and I can go on even when I don't want to because of people like her.

I want to just spend a moment of silence now in dedication to people who give up their lives to serve others. Thank you

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aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-04)
Yes, Myss writes some nice books, but in all honesty I rather like them for the expierences she put in there about the people rather than what it means... But I am more of a capture holder haha if that make sense... Capturing time almost.
sarahan (23 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-04)
I've been wondering how you are doing with the "unblocking" and directing of energy you happily discovered last year, along with the friend who understands and shares your abilities and their isolating results.
I'm also wondering if you are familiar with the teachings of Caroline Myss. "Energy Anatomy"? "Sacred Contracts"? "Anatomy Of The Spirit"? I think that if you haven't already connected with her work you should do so, because you are trying to work this out already. I think you'd take off like fireworks as soon as you read or hear her. Books and DVD's and tapes and lectures; Something to fit every learning style.
Energy healing, medical intuiting, spirit guides, aura and chakra work; it's all there. Honoring yourself. Preseving or building your integrity in all senses... I know I'm probably being presumptuous with all of my reading recomendations but I just wouldn't feel right not mentioning this to you if you haven't found all you need to keep from being washed away by all of your extra sensory experiences and so little chance of being alone in your own center. I have no idea really what I'm talking about, but I'll bet you do. Take care...
Morgan0610 (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-03)
Hi, I believe you know alot,
and I understand what you mean.

Since young I always had something, not to say its extra but its there.
I can say it fluctuates,
like there are times when I know that somethings is going to happen to being able to 'feel' how people are feeling emotionally.
However recently I'm not able to do any of that, as if all the energy is clogged up somehow, somewhere.
Can you advise me what to do?
I also want to learn to use it consciously, since all of that in the past,
was done unconsciously.
enlightenedweird (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-17)
just want to ask if there's a way and if it's okay if I can get in touch with you directly aramasamara?

thanks and hope to hear from you...
zEnAiDa_x3 (5 stories) (11 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-15)
sorry this has nothing to do with like your story which I like by the way, all your stories are good but is your name samara? I see it in your username thing

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