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My Adventures


I have just gotten back from New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. In that time I have seen many things, only some I will tell. One reason being so it doesn't run on forever. The first day we had to get on three planes taking over 20 hours, because of a delay. When we were thirty minutes away, I got this strange feeling that we where heading in the wrong destination, and about two minutes later the captain says we are going to Fiji, the place I was originally going to go to. That delay costs us five more hours, but the scenery is of course gorgeous.

When I arrive at New Zealand I get another flash or whatever and the name Alex comes to my mind. It was our tour director waiting outside the gate for 7 hours saying she was compensating with our jet lag. She was a wonderful person, in fact I met a lot of amazing people.

Then a few days later we went to Australia. We went to fraser island at one point, and soon as we got there we saw dingos, which was rare, even rarer to see five in just a short stay. Along the whole trip we got odd "luck" if you will, seeing some rare animals one being a koala in a few minutes in which only 20% of Aussies will see in their lifetime, whales, birds, etc.

I go on this rainforest "tour" for a whole day with a man named Gary, who has a wide basin of knowledge. He told me a story of a simple trick he would do with his daughters when they were little. Making something "disappear". One day he did the simple trick, and another man saw where he put it. But when they went to retrieve it, it was magically gone... Vanished and even he couldn't explain it. The daughter crying wanting her stuffed animal back ha-ha. It has happened to him on many occasions. He was and is a special person, he has written many books and starting another one... And I have a feeling our paths will cross again.

Then going over to Hawaii I got another name of a person that kept on flashing/dream, it was "dog" or better known as Dog the bounty hunter. In my dream I saw the small store in Wakiki, but it was empty and the family I saw were in another destination and mountainy sort of. The next day when we were going to Pearl Harbor, the guide said "Oh and let me show you where Dog is". I freaked out because it was so plain as day, but when we got there, the office was of course empty, turns out they are in Colorado. I am going to Colorado in a week, let's just say I am sick of flying, but oh well.

Then when we were leaving Hawaii, I got more flashes/dream or seeing pink earrings... And a friend of mine at the airport was wearing them. Then I said to her "I have this bad feeling on the plane", I told her I had a dream but couldn't remember what it was except I knew it wasn't good. On the next flight out, we took an hour or so into the flight and someone on the speaker says "is there anyone who is a medic, nurse or doctor aboard?". I never got the full story but it was a women I saw, who needed medical help, I don't think she died, but I saw an ambulance waiting outside for her.

And now I am just glad to be home for a short time, that's just some of the things I saw.

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Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-21)
That story you have wrote about yeah it just a tiny thing doesn't mean much I'm afraid because when you saw a flash of something it didn't really mean anything really . Sorry 😢 I think you were just getting a bad feeling.
Shirley (guest)
17 years ago (2007-06-19)
My experiences are different. I have experienced for the last 6-7 years the sensation of someone sitting on my bed or jumping on my bed while I lay there trying to sleep. It happened today - in a hotel room. I was attempting to nap when I felt the covers being pulled, then the sensation of someone sitting on the bed, and another at the foot of the bed jumping. I was awake but my eyes were closed and I was too frightened to open them and see what awaited. It has happened before at home when I was ill. I felt someone rubbing my back, soothing me while rocking the bed - none was home at the time. I opened my eyes and saw none there. What do you suggest?

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