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Hopefully A Helpful Adventure


Lets start from the very beginning. Starting at a very young age

I could see things that others couldn't. Spirits, shadows, demons, and angels. When I was 4 I remember going into my parents room and a shadow standing over them in their bed, I freaked out. Later we decided to bless our house from negative energies and when we did I remember seeing angels. Since we're on the topic of seeing things supernaturally I'm going to skip ahead for a moment. When I was about 10 I remember walking into my grandparents house and the door was open when we had locked it. I walked cautiously down the hall and I freaked out, when I saw a man that my grandmother later identified as her brothers spirit. When I was 14 I was in my bed and I could hear and sense evil around me again. There were 8 demons in my room that night. The pure energy of being in their presence nearly drove me insane. I now know that 8 is tied with death, I was probably supposed to die that night, however I was too strong apapparently. I know because of that I have clairvoyance. When I was 10 my grandfather on my moms side died and later that week I remember seeing him, as a spirit, I talked to him. I know because of that I'm a medium. All my life I have been able to hear and sense the spirit realm. This leads me to believe I have clairaudience and clairsentience. All my life I have also felt others emotions and their pain. This leading me to believe I'm an empath and aurora. Recently, probably since I was about 6 I've been able to see auras. I can touch or look at things and learn things I have never learned before, leading me to believe I have psychometry. I have had premonitions of the future, including my cats death. I have seen glimpses of the past, confirmed when someone told me it was the past. I have been able to control, jump into others, and manipulate dreams. I have astral projected before seeing my own body and freaking out. My words have proven enchanting and my personality is drunkening.

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