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My Out of Body Experience and Possible Encounter with God


For over 9 years I have been, and still am totally perplexed by the unexplained psychic / spiritual experience that I had on the evening of February 25, 1998 at a small church in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Let me first say that everything that I am about to tell you is in no way false, or an exaggeration of the truth. I take these matters very seriously, especially because it was a very real, profound, and completely unexpected experience.

Also, I must make it clear that as of this writing I have no affiliation with any church or religion. I am currently what you could call a spiritual agnostic. I was not on any drugs (I don't do them), nor medications, nor was I under the influence of alcohol when this event took place. I was well rested and totally awake.

At the time, I lived just outside of Washington, DC; I was 19 years old and lived with my mother who had divorced my father when I was very young. I got news in February, 1998 that my father (who lived just north of Pittsburgh, PA) was in a terrible car accident. Apparently, the accident was so terrible that doctors were not sure whether or not he would live. I did not have a close relationship with my father, and living almost 300 miles from him for many years, barely spoke to him. My mother and I both felt that I needed to get to Pittsburgh as soon as possible to see my father, for possibly the last time. I took a plane from Washington to Pittsburgh, was picked up by my aunt Marianne and driven immediately to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, I saw my father for the first time in about 3 years. He was on his hospital bed, and according to the doctors was recovering, and was no longer in peril of dying from his injuries. Over time, my father did need extensive surgery to repair his hip, his left shoulder, and eventually the doctors graphed skin onto his left arm.

The next day I awoke, and visited my father again. He was recovering, which came as a relief to me. That evening my grandparents coaxed me into going to church with them. My grandfather was the minister of this church (Wildwood Chapel - Aliquippa, PA). I had a very religious and spiritual upbringing, but at this time in my life I loathed church, and just about anything dealing with Judeo-Christianity. Begrudgingly, I went to the service and sat in the back.

During the worship service when the music is played, the gentleman leading worship (Mike Yuricha) said that he felt that God was telling him that "Someone in the audience needs to get 'right' with God..." I've heard that sort of thing for many years, and was in no mood to walk to the altar. Suddenly, I felt a very distinct thought in my heart - the thought felt very external but very specific. The voice in my heart said to me "Come and be humble before me..." In most cases, I would pass off the thought as possibly one of my own, but this "message" seemed to genuinely come from someone or something outside of myself. It felt like a thought that my brain didn't have to generate, but simply heard. I made the decision to walk to the altar, I really felt that God may actually be trying to speak to me - the message in my heart was simple, clear, distinct, and convincing.

I left my pew, and walked to the altar at the front of the church - a humbling experience. As I approached the altar I had a sensation all over my body; it felt like what I can best describe as walking through a warm cloud of electricity. I knelt at the altar, and laid my head down on the platform steps just to the left of the altar. As I did this I began to cry, very, very hard. With my face buried in the steps, I wept bitterly and profusely. I was overcome with many emotions. A hand touched the back of my neck to comfort me in my emotional state. This was the hand of a woman (Diane Liptak) who often prayed for people at this church. The instant her hand touched the back of my neck, the most amazing thing in my life happened.

I felt what I can best describe as a warm flood of electric water pouring all over my body. The sensation was so powerful that it felt as if I was being electrocuted. As soon as this sensation came upon me, I groaned and yelled aloud in the middle of my weeping. But the muscular contractions that caused me to yell so loudly were not voluntary muscular actions. It felt like a force squeezed this groan out of me, just as you would ring out a wet towel. As this happened, Diane (who was comforting and praying for me) felt the same "warm electric" sensation that I was feeling, and began crying profusely almost instantaneously. This sensation was so powerful to her as well that she had to kneel down from the fear of falling. Totally unexpectedly, my consciousness left my physical body.

By my best estimation, I was approximately 4 feet above my physical body. I did NOT see the classic birds-eye view of me laying on the floor of the church. All I saw was darkness, my physical eyes were shut and I did not want to attempt to open them because I did not want to interrupt was was happening. However, I was able to hear everything that was going on. I could hear Diane and myself crying in front of the altar. The way that I heard Diane and myself crying was the same way that you would hear 2 people 4 feet in front of you crying as they faced away from you. I did not hear the vibrations of my own voice in my skull, as all of us do when we talk or yell or make any type of vocalization. This is the reason why so many think their voices sound weird on recordings, that vibration in the skull is obviously not heard in recordings. This phenomenon is the way that I can be absolutely sure that my consciousness was indeed, outside of my body.

I was able to discern and gage my distance from my physical body very clearly based off of how I heard my surroundings. It felt as if I was floating and swimming in midair. All the while, this flooding, warm, electric feeling grew in intensity. It was becoming so strong, yet so euphoric that I sincerely felt that if it got any stronger that I would die. I said in my own mind, "God, please stop you're going to kill me..." Very gently, the sensation and the experience lifted off of me, and I could sense my consciousness moving downward toward my physical body. The last bits of the sensation faded away and I opened my eyes, and hugged Diane for many minutes, both of us crying.

I slowly returned to my pew and payed no attention to the sermon, I was too perplexed, baffled, and awed. That night I made the decision to move to Pittsburgh. My father eventually made a great recovery, but died many years later in 2004 from hepatitis and toxic epidermal necrolysis.

I would be delighted, honored, and glad to speak with any in this forum, and I openly invite your questions.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
6 years ago (2015-02-19)
Yes, when we pray, we should ask God for things. But He loves it when we say: 'thank you God, for all the things I have, and don't have!'. The devil hates it when we thank God, and praise Him in our prayers! That's why a strong form of prayer is reading the psalms, demons FLEE when we read them, and holy angels surround us. Halellujah!
PEMe (2 stories) (60 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-26)
I forgot to add early in my journeys I would feel this same tingling and sensations you described followed by surrounding of warm light and love. Almost out of body feelings in that I feel no worry or fear just peace. Later I've learned (and still learning) to rest in this place once you're there. Be still. Clear your mind and listen to your heart... I know these words sound cliche but I truely can't find other words to describe. It's like a voice... But, not quite. Usually still soft inside (for me near my heart not my head/ears) very quite. You will start to receive messages. Mine started out very simple... "I love you." Things like that. But, with continued meditation and surrender vs. Confusion and trying to understand and control you get more and more clear messages. You are blessed. God speaks to you. Stay humble though because he will speak to ALL that will listen so we're not so special.:) It only makes what we do special when we listen because a lot of people won't. The down side is you probably will experience the negative spirits as well. Spiritually ensitive is spiritually sensitive. You will know the difference in your spirit. Usually the negative is dark, heavy, brings fear. Always seek God and ask for protection and the answer will come.
PEMe (2 stories) (60 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-26)
Awesome! I was just searching for someone else that's been one on one with God. My similar experience (one of many) is my favorite of all probably because it's the first one I'm "aware" of. Same as you, visiting a church for the 1st time. I always went to alter calls whether I felt I needed it or not; whether I believed the faith or not. I don't remember why would do this, I just did. I'm always humble and I want to experience the other person (I do have many spiritual gifts myself and when I come across others with gifts I like to to try see if they can sense mine some people aren't aware of their own gifts it's pretty amazing but, I digress). But, this time in particular was a very calm minister He just smiled when I walked up. I connected right away with him spiritually; I could feel his peace. He said lift your hands. I did and I smiled back. He said close your eyes. I did. He said say thank you Jesus. I did and almost instantly what I have to described as a light filled and surrounded me. I can't find the words to describe it but I felt it. Warm. Love. I didn't want it to leave. Every time it tried to lift or leave I would call it back by saying thank you jesus or... At least I think that's what I was saying. I just know the more I acknowledged this light and love in my heart and mind the more it came back to me. When I finally opened my eyes I was in the back of the church facing a wall. I turned around and the church was nearly empty except the minister who was still smiling at me and the host that brought me as a visitor and a couple people praying. All praising God around me. The calm minister still smiling says "How do you feel." I just smiled back not answering him. And I remember one little old lady slowly came up to me. I could sense she was struggling to get near and she was afraid but desperately wanted to come near me. When they finally helped her over to me and past the minister I just grabbed her and hugged her. I genuinely loved her. I could feel everything she was feeling release. Although somewhat confused (but not really because I knew I was just face to face with God); A few days later when alone with my fried I asked what happened. My friend told me that they weren't supposed to say anything because I had to grow and learn this on my own but he shared that I was literally walking across the furniture all over the entire church praising God and laying hands on people, speaking in tonges (which I had never done before). He was shocked I was completely unaware of all of this. So was I! I just thought I was in one spot with the light the whole time. Still one of the coolest experiences ever.
SpydroEyeslow (15 posts)
10 years ago (2010-08-10)
your story is amazing
I wonder what would have happen if you stayed
In my mind I doubt you wouldve passed
But great story thanks for sharing
Leny1777 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-02-18)
Im glad that someone has something very similar to what I experience. I was sleeping one evening. Then I waked up like in 4:00 am. Needed to urine. Then when I went back to sleep. Everytime I am steady and focus on my bed. I have this vibrations. All of sudden I felt lifted on top of myself. I heard a gunshot sound. That sound was paranormal by the way. Then when I opened my eyes; I saw these lights. And one of the lights were like a being. Much like those infamous orbs. But this orb was moving counter clockwise. As I saw these image. I felt scared and these intense electricity that I felt pain. I heard my physical body groam. Which I was aware and I was out of body experience. First time I heard myself make a sound without being conscious to my body. Then seconds after these electrucutions. I was back on my body. I'm researching this. I have a very good proposal that these electricity that makes us think it hurts us are a gateway to other dimensions of existence. We are experiencing these wonderful phenomenom.
wondering (4 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-13)
That sounds like an amazing experience that yo had. When I go to church I somtimes feel over whemled with this warm feeling that I can't explain and I always feel like crying for no reason what so ever. That is truly something amazing and I think you are truly blessed. ❤
anonymous (guest)
13 years ago (2008-03-09)
I don't believe that warm electrical feeling came from the audience. If it did, then it came from God who was inside each of the people in the audience.

You had a one on one experience with God, our Creator. The entire experience sounds as though He was really... Out of love and compassion for you, healing your spirit, soul and aura with His energy.

You had to make the first move so He could meet you half way, because God never forces Himself on anyone.

God doesn't require us to be religious,...but if we choose to accept Him, as a little child, then we experience healing on all levels. We grow spiritually while experiencing a beautiful relationship with our Heavenly Father.

I'm not close to my earthly father, but God gave me the love my father couldnt.

aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
13 years ago (2008-01-12)
I don't know why people expect to see "clouds" or anything like that. What if heaven is already infront of you... Everything on earth created already
I have had a couple of near death expierences and not once did I see clouds, a person or any flashing lights

but you know what I did see
the perfect contention

no words needed
Gaelrid (5 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2008-01-11)
I dindin't believe in god before something like that, b ut less intense happened to me and even now, I'm not sure if I went to Hell, or just some kind of under world. If you want to know my story, check it out. It's called "My OBE".

P.S. Did anyone who has experienced anything like this get a look at god, or heaven, cause the same night as my OBE, I had a dream were I was on a platform over the clouds with stairs going down, and there was this guy dressed in ancient greek clothes in front of me. I didn't see his face cause it was in shadow and the second that I started being conscience in the dream, I was litterally dragged away by some invisible force.
Corey G (guest)
13 years ago (2007-09-20)
The intense electrical sensation you descrive sounds very simular to my experience. In my instance I came in close proximity to St. John. God is very much real, and I/we were blessed to have such an experience. Never forget what happened.


grahamce [at]
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
14 years ago (2007-06-22)
Nick thanks for the answer, this is a random question, by any chance did you have/had family in Florida?
nickr79 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2007-06-22)

It's possible that some of that "warm electric water" feeling that I experienced could be from the audience. I had been in church during my childhood and during times where I sincerely felt the love of God, I had felt something like that before. It's mostly due I think to the fact that we are so interconnected. The one reason why I think this particular experience was God, was because it was so incredibly intense and sudden. At the time of the occurrence, there was no question in my mind as to the source of the phenomenon.

Thanks! With love...
GG (guest)
14 years ago (2007-06-20)
Hope you get something out of this. I remember my first encounter with GOD. I am not a believer normally in any thing much.
Well, after accepting that I have chosen to teach, and help others, I had meditated often.
I know that we are all interlinked, and have experienced this, as many have. We seem to see the world unfold before our eyes, and have the most wonderful sense of contentment, something you just have to experience. During this time there is no questioning, just the true feeling, and knowing and utter peace as you experience the emotions and see that of what is.
So, much later, as in the meantime I had spoken to angels and guides, experienced past lives, received images and messages for others I knew nothing of, only to find them to be true and helpful. I decided no longer to fight and just accept that of which I have chosen in this life.
I did speak to GOD, but it answers back often with questions, for you must learn and know what it is you have chosen. I of course like an idiot ask many questions, believing that I had been speaking to an angel instead. I can tell you that we all can speak and receive messages from the GOD source, you must only know that we are all interlink by the God source. When this is without a doubt, and you do not fight yourself when receiving messages and images will occur. I take no medications, for those that will say I do.
To each their own as we are all responsible for our happiness and to find the answers we need to make our lives fulfilling. I can say, my experience was life altering and I had many questions and spiritual searching afterwards.
I wish you many more encounters with God, your guides and angels.
You can contact me directly if you just need to speak.
gloria [at]
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
14 years ago (2007-06-19)
Did at any time did you possibly think some of the feeling you experienced... Was also from the intense emotions of the "audience" themselves. That warm water feeling that you felt.

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