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Reiki Opens My Intuitive Side


My Reiki Master happens to be a friend of mine who I found on Facebook. I was actually looking up his brother and his name popped up. His profile picture showed a pair of hands with Reiki Light in them and I saw that he practiced Reiki. So I contacted him and inquired about the details and scheduled my first attunement. Then came the second attunement. Reiki has opened up emotional blockages, intuitiveness, and some clairvoyance.

The most recent experience came when I was meditating a few weeks ago and I saw a vision of a black wolf. Strange, I thought, but duly noted. I have, by the way, started a dream journal and note such "visions" in there too. Shortly after that vision, I went to a Pow Wow. The first booth I went to was selling black wolf figurines! The next booth I visited sold t-shirts with various Indians and their quotes on them. My Spirit Guide is Chief Red Cloud. There was such a t-shirt there and I bought it.

Upon walking a little further I saw another Indian getting ready for the ceremonial dance. He was bent over tying his moccasins and when he stood up and we made eye contact, I knew him. His face was that of Red Cloud. Since that day, I have went online to study more about Red Cloud and stumbled on a page that has a black wolf howling at the moon. There were too many experiences that confirmed my psychic abilities were opening up.

My Reiki is getting stronger too. I am looking forward to my third attunement and will only go for Master, not teacher. On closing, I had a question I would like to ask and see if anyone could shed some light on an answer for me. I was giving my wife a Reiki session last night and when I invoked my "helpers" in to assist, direct and guide me I was overrun with chills that came in waves. This soon dissipated after several minutes, but I soon picked up a smell like electrical wiring burning. It was confined to the room. I went through the house and even checked the fuse boxes. Nothing. I checked outside and still nothing. Can anyone help me understand what this may have been?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
My friend, Reiki is a new age practice. New agers say:"OPEN YOURSELF UP TO THE UNIVERSE-SPREAD EAGLE, WIDE OPEN- AND LET IT TAKE YOU WHERE IT WILL!"... It's like saying to a total stranger: "Hop into my car, and drive me to where you want to go!" Would you do that? Same thing, only the labels change! Reiki practitioners invoke UNKNOWN AND UNPROVEN "healing spirits" (which could easily be disguised demons), and channel them INTO themselves and the patient! Don't you see the danger? You're completely open and unprotected, allowing access to these unknown spirits! LOL! My advice, is to pray, and heal by the safe and proven name of Jesus Christ. Does that make any sense to you? Do whatever tickles your fancy! Better safe than sorry, I say! Curiosity killed the cat! Good luck. God bless+
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-09)
In Reiki attunements, connects to higher energy. There is a cleansing process
And strangly it can occure during the same day and
Can continue.
For some people experience heat, or various sensations accompanied by peace.
It also magnifies our own abilities as well.

During this process there can come an awareness
Of our spirit guides.
As well as indicators of how the spirit guide can
And will communicate with the person whom received
An attunement. Just take mental notes!

Some indicators to make note are the syncrinity:
Signs when you asked what type of guide?
Syncrinity is signs-like wolf.
Smell electric can be an indicator your guide is
Around or it may just be a clearing of the physical
Body. Time will prove which is the proof.

When I received my attunement I felt peaceful
And knew I had reconnected with an energy
I was familiar as a young person.

The attunement:At night I was awoken to feel a burning sensation
At the back of my skull and saw this old indigenous man.
He has appeared a total of 3 times during the years.
Giving me a message when my eyes were open.

Strangely enough I have experienced other guides
Whom work with the healing energy whom are the
Ones whom work with me. Each one seems to specialize
In an area.

A good book:
The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui: The Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Treatment Positions and Numerous Reiki Techniques for...

The book tells Gassho to collect Chi/Prana energy, etc.
(The book speaks of gathering the energy in 2nd chakra). Were as online comments speak of using
Other ways with the Gassho.

Please continue to put your experiences.

Good journey

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