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I Have Dreams Of Evil Spirits


I am a 19 year old girl I reside in Alb, NM. I don't know really if it's a good thing or a bad thing I have dreams of evil spirits I know when they are looking at me and I feel presences that no one else can feel or see. I have had personal experiences at home with objects falling, seeing myself drift away from my body, I had explained to my parents that something was going on in our house. After several times that they told me that I was crazy I did something's myself that I thought would help as somewhat of a ritual type of thing and I did feel better for a while until they took out the ornaments that I has put up. After that things got worse, I would like to tell the rest but it is long. The most recent that I just went through is when I went to some acquaintances house I just met these friends and I don't know too much about them it all started when I had asked to use their restroom I felt a very strong presence I knew it meant no harm because I have felt when it is a bad presence. At first I told myself " no your crazy it's just my mind playing games." The second time I went to their house the same thing happened when I went to go use the restroom, after a while I couldn't help it and I told them I felt a presence on the left hand side of the room by the restroom and they looked at me crazy one of the girls told me that's where my room is and that's where I have my mom's ashes but keep in mind this is the second time I have been to their house and I don't know where their rooms and I definitely didn't know that her mom was dead or none the less that she had her moms ashes in her room until she told me her story. What do I do how can I control this and how do I know if it's real? Someone please help me I don't know what to do.

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Yazkin (2 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-08)
My thought about this is that it IS real. It seems to be like what I am experiencing. What you see seems to be more of spirits than strange demon creatures like I see though. (Unless you see them, too. You didn't include the information)

I'm not sure how to prevent it, but one way to slow it down and lower the activity is by wearing something holy at all times, like I do my cross.

I would love to hear more experiences, keep me informed.

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