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Maybe My Guide?


This is my second story to submit and every situation usually has to do with dreams. Since my last story I have not had any scary or demonic dreams. Here is a story of my newest dream and encounter.

I am from Oregon and last week I took a trip to Idaho for vacation and horse training. The week was great, I had a blast. I even visited the Old Idaho Penitentiary which is supposed to be haunted. I didn't see or hear anything but at one point in the solitaire confinement I felt my right side of my body tingly like a bunch of spiders. It was probably a ghost. This was at the beginning on the week, Monday.

I rode 5 days in a row with great results. On the sixth day, in my dreams something or someone came to me. It was blurry but I could make it out as a person. A female, golden, blurry but her face was somewhat clear. Clear enough to tell it was a female. She fluttered in the air and told me "Do not ride anymore, you will be hit by a truck if you do and die. I just saved your life." she made this point to me 3 different times that in my dreams saying the same thing. She was very persistent about it and said "do you understand?" I said yes and woke up. I told my family of the dream.

I did not ride anymore that week, one because of the dream and two, the weather was poor. Someone informed me this was my guide. I am really excited if this is accurate. She was so warm and welcoming to me. She seemed really concerned and sincere. The dream was also very real and I will never forget how she looked.

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