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A few days ago I had an OBE, I don't have OBEs on purpose but it often happens when I take a nap on my back. I was laying there and then the vibrations happened and I tried to move quickly before I went into paralysis but it was too late. Usually when I enter an OBE it looks very fuzzy but that day it looked very clear. I didn't see anything around me (people say they see shadow figures) if I see something or think I see something it's a figure peeking underneath my blanket that I can't really see because it is usually unclear. But a couple days ago it was clear and I don't know if I thought it was real life even though I heard the vibrations, but I started to either sit up involuntarily or voluntarily. I saw this teddy bear (one that was freaking me out whenever I saw it in the dark recently) and it was moving (shifting really) back and forth and looked like it was blinking. And I realized what was happening and went back to my body and started praying completely freaked out. I felt hands or some kind of pressure on my shoulders and on top of my head but saw and heard nothing and I started to scream and woke up. I like the idea of astral projection but I am afraid of 1. Doing it in the dark 2. Getting possessed (people say you can't but idk) or hassled by entities.

I want to leave my body and fly around like lots of people do but, I am so scared I don't know if I'm going to get possessed or if I pray for protection and bid entities in the name of God to leave and I decide to leave my body, will spirits come when I'm away.

Can someone give me some guidance about how to sense and protect myself so that when this next happens I will be protected.

Also I have been trying to contact my spirit guides for the past few days and through meditation only today and I could tell that I was only imagining them and they weren't coming to me and I couldn't concentrate well. I was wondering if you can call to your spirit guides during OBEs, I figured it would be easier. So can you please explain your experiences in OBEs and how long it took and what ways you contacted your spirit guides. Please just share your insight on how to be safe during these travels and communications. Also, there is a constant ringing in my ears I heard that it could be spirits trying to speak to me or it could just be tinnitus.

Thank you for your replies if you give any.

Blessed be.

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TheBrowneyes17 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
Thanks for he info, maybe if I don't try to freak myself off from the get go i'll be better off. It was just a bit unnerving that I don't purposely try to do it (ive tried to innitiate one and it doesn't work) it feels like i'm being pulled there by something.
I agree with you completely, though unlike most people who astral project, I don't see shadow people I'm just fearful and it takes me forever to wake up I think I don't see anything because it often times happens during the day.
But thanks for the advice, I look into it more.
If anyone has info on spirit guides i'm glad to hear.
Spirited-away (5 stories) (46 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
Here is what I think. I had only 1 enjoyable OBE
And a 24/7 ringing in my ear, which I ignore when
Working or doing something else. I said only 1 OBE,
Because that one time, I wanted to have an OBE and
Honestly, I dindt went through the whole paralysis
Thing everyone goes in to have an OBE. During that one
OBE (I don't even remenber falling asleep) but I sow
Myself standing in my room, I knew it was an OBE,
Because I even told myself, that this is a OBE. I just
Look around the room and the time and my dark hallway which kind of freak me out and I was like "ok time to wake myself up" and I did. In my opinion, if you are
Going through a paralysis phase, is because something
Is forcefully trying to make that happen. Everytime I go through this paralysis phase, I know is bad, and trust me I have had them since I was 7, at first they used to freak me out, but I have had it so many time that they don't bother me at all, but it does annoys me to the point where I develop a way to disturd the paralysis. What I do is, I focused my energy, then release it to my entire body, think of it like been surprise. The only drawback is that it does left me with a burning sensation within me and as soon as I wake up some showdy figure is fleeting from my roon. I don't know if this things are evil entities, demons or whatever, an OBE should be a pleasant experience, not a terrifying one.

Hope it help
Feel free to read some of my post and see if you relate

Take care
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
Hello TheBrowneyes17,

First of all, I'm going to re-say what many have already said: You are perfectly safe whenever you have an AP/OBE (out of body experience). I have never, ever experienced anything to challenge that belief.

Also, in regards to the teddy bear and other feelings you are having - think of an astral projection as a dream, in which you are in full control of it, instead of being "along for the ride". If there is something bothering you, try to think of another place to visit.

It's also important to bear in mind that while in the Astral to be positive - this leads to better experiences. Positive energy is like poison to any negative entity you might meet.

In most of the common books about the subject (Check out this site's Owner, Robert Bruce, and Robert Monroe), the claim is made that you cannot be possessed; I agree with this, because "you" are still connected to your body, even when on a travel (the theory is there is an unbreakable energy cord connecting you to well, you).

If you are still worried about an entity bothering you, try to look for information on "Shielding". The basic concept is to create a "barrier" of energy around yourself - You can even try this now: Picture yourself surrounded by a "wall" (like a brick wall, picket fence, sunlight). Make this image "real" (Feel the warmth of the sunlight, the rough surface of the brick wall, anything to make it real). Hold this image in your mind; make it strong. Keep picturing this image until the uneasiness goes away.

I commented on quite a few stories with my favorite method - White Light Shielding.

Another factor to consider is that each person will learn at a different pace - Some people are able to do it right from the start (I am not one of those people), and others take an entire lifetime to achieve one. Also, what each person experiences will be different in most cases.

As for the ringing in the ears, it can be a common medical condition, or something else pertaining to your energy levels (I've got it too, but I blame all that loud music I play - You might want to try listening to "White Noise" sounds, as this seems to help).

Hope some of this answered your questions (I could write more, but I think this is an epic-length reply already).


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