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I am a 35 year old man who has had a few experiences to share. In the early stages of this paranormal activity I was young and had nothing to do, so I played around with an Ouija boards and séances, I thought they didn't work! But they did.

Numerous times myself and fragment minded associates would get bored and decide to break out the books that we collected and give it a college try and maybe get a ghost to present itself. While in my friend's basement, and not knowing what we were doing, something freaky happened. Just like in a movie or one of the books descriptions. We had multiple candles lit and the flames looked as if they jumped upward off of the wick about half an inch and dropped back down to nearly nothing, barely keeping the room lit. There were six of us in the room, two girls and four boys the oldest being 14. The basement had several curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor, these actually lifted as if somebody had walked through the wall and elevated the curtain to about 5 1/2 feet, depicting the shape of a person or body, we could hear whispers as if they were bouncing off of the walls but the room was still very quiet. At this point we all went quiet, mostly choked on amazement and some fear. The girls looked like hard rockers with pale faces and leather clothing. They had always said they did this stuff all the time and had lots of short stories but I could tell nothing like this had ever happened to them. The girls yelled out things like, "What is that?", minus a few words, and the guys just stared. It left as soon as it came.

Since then I have had a lot of strange unexplainable things happen. I have considered myself to be an empath, also able to tell what people are going to say way before it happens, in a sense, maybe dejavu? I can't say every time but I hadn't given it complete thought until now. I quit messing with things like that and lost interest not long after.

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undernew_mgmt (3 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-14)
revsilverson: I guess you can't read that well, at the last of the story says, "I quit messing with things like that and lost interest not long after."
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2009-02-13)
oh yes. Teenage spirit energy. You do not list the year or age of your partipants but I know them well.

Human spirit (consciousness) can create material and energy entities. You did this briefly that night. Don't do it again. We don't need half-axxed spirits being created by your fun.

Don't do it again,
jadetiger (8 stories) (55 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-12)
You know, I know this is not relevant, but I got the sensation from reading your story. It was like playing the game, when I was younger, Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather. We raised a couple of our friends over our heads, with just our two fingertips. Maybe you were just feeling things out, just like I was at 11. What I mean is, maybe the inner self was waking up and testing the waters. And since you lost interest, maybe that wasn't the right time.

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