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Tag With A Tan Ghost


After a year of living in my town home and getting ready for bed, I was standing in the door way of my bed room, with just a small lamp going and the tv. I felt something brush up against me, forcing me to move up onto my tippy toes. I thought it was my girlfriend, but when I turned to look at her she was in the bathroom down the hall. She asked me what was wrong and I asked her if she was just behind me. She said that she wasn't and I explained to her.

I went down stairs and got myself a glass of water and while coming back up the steps I was nudged again spilling my water. This time I saw a tan transparent like figure zip to the basement door. I quickly grabbed my camera and jolted to the basement, I took as many shots as I could with the flash. I got him, just moving around the furnace. He was tan, all of him, and he was concentrating on me, the look on his face was belligerent, as if he was playing tag or something. LOL.

I became interested in the basement, we had a couch that I would sit on, and at many moments I could sense this entity. One particular time I told him to sit down, the cushion next to me actually pressed downward and raised back up.

I have moved since then, and after documenting this on my computer it crashed not long after, leaving me with no photo proof. I told family and friends and some even saw this photo. I have always been an empath, and have even been able to

Draw some entities to me, so this wasn't that unusual for me.

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Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-18)
So, you can draw entities to you. Be careful with that. The next one may be a very evil spirit. Who knows maybe it will turn your stove on when your sleeping. Its good that you are brave to make contact but be careful.

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