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Just Psychic Or Medium?


I've had psychic moments since I was younger.

I always guessed the person on the other line of the phone right, I always knew what TV episodes would come up that night, I always knew who was at the door, and many other things.

I'm 15 right now, and I still have all of those things happen to me everyday and a lot more other things.

I've always seen people in my house that nobody else can see, hear things nobody else can hear, feel things nobody else can, and I recently decided to tell my parents about it since it was starting to freak me out. So they took me to the hospital and now I go to a psychologist and talk about what I see and hear. I've also got scheduled for an appointment with a psychiatrist in May.

For awhile my parents and I though I had a medium ability. But I've figured out that the place I live on is an old Indian burial ground so that may be why I see and hear things. I've talked to people who live by me and they experience "paranormal activities". But it seems like I experience the most.

So I was wondering if would I have some sort of abilities, would it be just psychic abilities with paranormal experiences or medium abilities?

Hopefully I can get some ideas!

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DreamState (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-16)
I am psychic and medium. So I think you are both. You could see things and the same time you can hear things.
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-08)
the psychic world can be an unsettling world to some, especially to beginners. To others, like myself, it is as natural as thinking. Your story doesn't really provide many specifics regarding your experiences. A medium is a person who can speak with the astral or spirit beings and pass the words along to those in the physical world. You don't mention any experiences like that. Just fyi- sensing spirits is a psychic gift called clairsentience, seeing spirits is clairvoyance and hearing them is clairaudience. Experiencing paranormal activity happens to a lot of people but doesn't by itself indicate psychic gifts.
I hope the psych professionals you are seeing have worked with and believe in people who have esp or other psychic gifts. Otherwise you might be getting one-sided, incomplete therapy. Ask them about it when you talk with them.

Love and Light
roycevalentine17 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-07)
It must be nice to have parents who are supportive of your abilities. You seem psychic to me, but then again I don't really know much about this.
cassy (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-05)
it seems you may have abilities but I suggest that you develope them properly and go to a local spiritualist church - can be found on web!) and learn there under safe conditions
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-05)
Hi psychic hectate and also tiffany. I guess you are a psychic. Hectate could you give me an advice in my story entitled "Am I a true psychic or not?. I would be glad too. Thank you and good day to all =) 😁 ❤
PsychicHecate (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-04)
Many parents think that there kids have psychic or medium abilities. But the truth is that all kids are very sensitive or tune in to you like to the paranormal world as much the physical world. The reason for this is quite simple, when your a kid your more open to things because you haven't been conditioned to see the black and white of life - its like many adults all over the world see the world and the things, people, animals, work, school in a black and white mode, rarely do they see the grey and rarely do they live outside the box of belief's that society has condition them to believe.

Kids and teenager especially around the puberty age are very tuned in to the paranormal and psychic world because with kids they haven't been conditioned yet and with the teens and the changes their experiences their sense are very heightened. That's not to say that you fit into either of these categories.

Some children are really psychic, have psychic abilities and many who become readers know how to use their abilities from a early/young age. Usually what I have found in my professional experience is that there is a great different between being highly sensitive, intuitive and being psychic. Although some people may disagree with this, I know that I am not the only professional psychic medium who thinks this way.

I think that your very sensitive, very intuitive but not psychic. I don't mean to hurt your feelings but I think that its better to be bluntly honest with people than to give the false hope that they are something their not.

There's a extremely high paranormal and psychic obsession going on at the moment in society, you can see that through the type of tv show, radio and tv programs and magazine articles. People around the world are obsessed with psychics and wanting to have these abilities. It is an obsession and a dangerous one as there are many people who are taking intuitive experiences and believing them to be psychic abilities, many intuitives who have had a few feelings and dreams that have come to pass and believe them to be premonitions or precognitive abilities. Then they go and stick a sign up and tell people their psychic when there not and read people that they don't have the real psychic ability to read anyone properly. The high psychic sense that you need to read that can tell you whether the person your reading is psychologically stable to get a reading. Intuitives can't sense that and start blindly into doing readings that are dangerous to those they read for.

The sad and morally wrong part of this is that some intuitives long to be psychic, convince themselves they are because they either want the attention, wan't to be famous or do it for the money. Which are three morally and ethically wrong reasons to wanting to be psychic. Being psychic, being a professional psychic is not a job, nor is it suppose to be a 'get rich quick scheme', it is truly a calling and the person that has the calling knows that they are psychic and knows how to use their abilities and what there meant to do with these abilities, meaning they know in their heart and in their soul that it's not about, fame, fortune or attention its about helping others with the gift that was bestowed.

Don't get me wrong Intuitives can be highly sensitive, but an intuitive is like gut feelings that you know something is going to happen, its a bit more than the instincts we as human being all have. The difference would be like an intuitive is a person that has hunches, senses or feelings about things. Its a bit more than or a bit more sensitive instinct that everyone has and uses to make decisions with everyday.

The easiest way and the most honest and blunt way to explain this is to simply say that psychics are like opera singers and intuitives are karaoke singers.

Intuitives can be trained to be or can teach themeselves to be more intuitive but not psychic.

To see a ghost does not mean a person is psychic, its if they communicate with them and they communicate with you, then that is considered mediumship. Near every human being in the world can say that at one time in their life they had a paranormal experience, a dream that came true or concious or unconcious thinking of a person only to have them phone. Most people can guess whose ringing them because a lot of people know who call their house regularly - if that person is in anyway sensitive or intuitive then they'll be able to know whose ringing, still it doesn't mean a person is psychic.

I don't say this to be mean or harsh but I don't believe in sugar coating the truth, I believe in being bluntly honest with people. False truth and lies cause hurt and trouble in the long run. I hope you understand


Psychic Hecate:)

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