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Dreamwalking Experience


The other night I fell into sort of a trance. I can't say I was asleep, since I was aware of my body the whole time.

I was falling through an incredibly blue sky with an orange sun overhead. I could hear and feel the rush of the air. I managed to flip myself over and I knew the falling wouldn't harm me and that it would lead to something good.

Then I sort of wandered through the dream plane for a little bit. I don't remember much of that time except being bothered by some dogs that could float and trying to kick them while realizing that they were a dream and then teleporting myself to a different place.

I wound up in a place that I had dreamed of before. It's sort of a desert world with giant sandcastles and boats that travel on the sand. I stayed there for a few days and I was happy there. I was helping some teenage girls make some sort of pastry made with a weird sweet fruit in the kitchen of the house I was staying at. Then all of a sudden I was aware of these guys in suits and sunglasses outside who were after me. The girls I was with got all worried and told me to jump out of the window (they were glassless) and run. I quickly complied. The suits saw me and I tried to lose them running though the market place. They had these things that looked like pens, but I had the impression that they were more like tazers the way they were. They shouted things at me like, "We know who you are and what you can do!" and "We'll get you, filthy dreamwalker!"

I thought that it was hopeless when a sort of window opened up in my consciousness. A more experienced dreamwalker's voice started shouting in my head to get out of there before they catch me. I could see his face in my mind as well. I told him that I didn't know how and he sighed something about having to help out the new ones all the time. Then he said that a link was opening up and I should get ready.

Immediately I was aware of lots of other dreamwalkers, even though most were in different worlds on the dream plane. It was a friendly thing, the moment we were all linked together. Some laughed and smiled and briefly said about what world they were on. Then they started to phase out one by one before they got caught by the suit guys. I realized how to do this by being linked and then concentrated really hard.

Then I woke up in a state of sleep paralysis. When I finally got myself free of it I curled up and knowing that it wasn't safe to go back yet, I made myself have a watered-down, less intense dream where I knew I couldn't be found.

I swear, all that really happened. Even though it sounds strange.

Is there anyone with similar experiences or advice on how I can improve my abilities? Maybe a way I can induce that state or lucid dreams as it happens randomly.

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Jenny309 (1 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-01)
I have both been on both the giving and receiving end of dream-walking. For the past few days a my ex-boyfriend keeps showing up in my dreams. I think he still likes me but he knows I already have a boyfriend.

Oh and I have a question. Is it possible for an alternate personality to dream walk?
unevermind (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-28)
I have been an experienced lucid dreamer for over 20 years now. I have recently experienced dreamwalking a few times, at first by complete accident. I could not explain how real my dreams have been or explain how it felt as if the people in my dreams were truly present and part of my dreams. I know what you are feeling as dreamwalking is can be be exciting and unsettling at the same time, with all the adventures you are able to go on, above and beyond just taking control of your dream like lucid dreaming. Just know that the people who are involved are real participants, and not fantasy. They may not be aware you are fully present with them and may believe you are just some random person in their dream. In my research on this, I have discovered that there are dreamwalking predators, or vampires, who look to prey upon you. Be careful, and mindful of these individuals, and do not become one of them!
MiBeloved (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-25)
You entered parallel worlds. These are dimensions which are adjacent to the physical level but which are subtle. When in these worlds one may float about or even feel as if the subtle body is physical. It depends on the vibrational frequency of the world you enter. If you come back into the physical body and find that it is in a paralysis, know that it is in a cataleptic trance, which means that the subtle body did not synchronize properly into it. It is not that the physical body is actually paralyzed but what occurs is that the subtle body was not in sync with it fully and so could not operate it. The subtle body was not wired in correctly. As soon as the subtle form wires in correctly it can again operate the physical form.
This catalepsy occurs more frequency if the physical body is in a room which is poorly be ventilated or if drugs were taken or even alcohol.
By manipulating the breath, by hold it and then suddenly releasing it, you may sometimes cause the subtle body to be jolted into sync with the physical form. Usually in a cataleptic trance one can hear noises around the physical body and one can hold the breath but one usually cannot do anything else. Sometimes one can make the physical body create a groaning sound and if anyone is present in the room and hears that sound and was advised before hand, that person can shake the body and that will cause the subtle form to come in sync and you will wake up on this side of existence.

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