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Dreamwalking Soul Mate?


Several years ago, I met a man who seemed to see deep into my soul. He is the only man that I have met that made my spirit feel naked. It was like he saw right into the deepest part of me, without words. The attraction and chemistry between us was unlike anything I have experienced.

I was married at the time of meeting this man. I still am. However, we have kept in touch over the years. We have met in our dreams and have spent some amazing times together. We have been intimate on a handful of occasions. One experience, I distinctly left my body and remember wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him. I awoke in the midst of it and felt my spirit draw back into my body. I have never experienced anything like it. I attempted to get out of the bed after this but felt groggy, almost drugged or drunk, when I had not had any drugs or alcohol.

I am a lucid dreamer, and can be keenly aware when someone is involving themselves in my dreams. I am keenly aware of when we are interacting. I have talked to him about him being in my dreams and what has taken place and he once said "that is my dream too". He has even asked me if my husband was aware I was having dreams about him and seemed concerned that my husband would know! Since that conversation, he has visited less often and seems distant when he does pop up. I don't know how to engage him in a conversation about this out of fear of sounding crazy! I have also begun to doubt myself thinking that maybe I have been imagining it in response to wishing to be with this man.

I just know that each time we have had physical contact in my dreams, I wake up feeling very drained and groggy. And it seems so real, I can't shake it for days afterward. I have never experienced any of this until meeting him.

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Artsy1 (2 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-26)
I would try to talk to him about it but if it is interfering with your current situations then maybe it is better to let sleeping dogs lie. You may have known each other in a past life and connections are still there. You may have to agree to sever those ties or agree to not me intimate in your dreams in order to keep your lives from being unraveled.

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