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Recently I have been having identical reoccurring experiences within 5-10 minute of the first occurrence. I don't think it's Deja Vu, but I don't know what else to call it. So far, it happens when I am in a calm/meditative state, and has not happened while I'm at work.

Example: While walking west for an evening walk on a bike path, I glanced to my left observing a red truck towing a black trailer; in the passenger side of the truck was a little boy with a baseball cap on with his arm extended out the window, goofing around, they were going west on the road. Approximately 5 minutes later, 2 cyclists passed me, going west. I turned my head left to say hello to them and as I did I noticed the same red truck towing the black trailer and little boy with the cap/arm out window doing the same thing, passing by on the same road going west, again. 10 minutes later, the two cyclist who passed me, passed again, going west (the area is remote with no exits, there is no-way they could have done a circuit in that amount of time). Then a while later I was passed by a large group of cyclists, 10 minute later they passed me again going the same way only this time 2 were missing.

I am clairvoyant but this one is new for me. I know the earth is in an energetic shift, there are many times I feel almost invisible, but I have not heard of anything like this specifically, so I don't know how to research it... Any thoughts?

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Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-13)
Some days I go through again it like stop repeating everything it not funny now. I see things which I haven't seen before. Like for example my boyfriend shows me something on his phone I say I have already seen it because he has already shown it me before NO THE thing is he hasn't but which is strange I have but not in real life I guess maybe in my dream they may feel real for me. I see things in the future I see future events and that. My dreams
I guess they tell me everything and they have all my life. I do get a feeling of being trapped and in another world. I don't know If I'm awake or not. Everything seems so real.
Cornelius (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-26)
Hi Sylvia

I only came accross this site today, but have found it very interesting and almost inspirational. I've had more experiences than most that might indicate that I could be "special" (sorry, I don't know what to call it yet as I've not explored what my strenths could be) but have now been inspired to do so.

My 2 questions to you are, when these experiences reoccure,

-do you always percieve them from the same point of view or differently put, from the same angle or same point in time? For example, did the cyclists have the same expresions on their faces, say the same things, in other words were they identical regardless of missing or additional factors like the two missing cyclists?

-secondly, your perception of the first occurences seem overly attentive, were you expectant/warned of possible reoccurences?

Bare with me, I can be quite long winded. But I believe that nothing happens by coincedence or without reason... So try and experiment to make sense of it.

if these occurences arn't exact, they fall over different times. Try and asses in which cronological order they usually fall.

If you have warnings, try making conversation the first time round, then doing the same the second time. Testing the occurances validity... Or if they even acknowledge your existence...

U are either
-in their realm on two different occasions (which could be quite extraordinary), or
-only percieve them once and envision their past or future energies or vica versa.

With a bit of experimentation you'll get to learn the boundaries of this gift and be more capable of figuring out why it happens and how best to use it.

See it as coming accross a new technological gadget with no booklet. You have to press buttons, study its caracteristics and with a bit of luck its function should become clear.

Good luck and hope to hear/read from you again soon !

ThePvaGlue (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-18)
wow that's very interesting... Being here I have found so many things and has really broanded my mind and imagination. I haven't really got anything to say on the matter but maybe I will someday. I do agree with Trudy actually because I have had a few chats and experiences about that. I don't think hteres anything you can do really but endure. Cya
Trudy (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-18)
Hello Sylvia,

I myself have not had this experience, but I have a spiritual teacher who has had this happen to her numerous times. She said that it means you have shifted timelines. I don't know if this is always the case, but that is what she said. Sometimes because of all the vibrational shifts going on in today's world, we suddenly shift to a new level or a new timeline, and those who are sensitive will sometimes witness the shift. Usually it comes in the form of seeing the same thing happen again but in a slightly different way (like the cyclists with 2 missing). We are constantly shifting to new realities where different choices are possible, and since time can work forwards and backwards, a shift in timelines can affect the recent past. (i.e.- cyclists go by, timeline shifts, in the past because of different circumstances those 2 cyclists decided to stay home or had different plans or never became cyclists at all or something.) It all sounds very strange, but I feel it to be true. I don't know if this rings true for you or not. Hope this helps somehow!


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