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I am a musician and a very spiritual person, so what happened to me is not surprising. I went to sleep one night, and had a dream that I was racing down the freeway on a motorcycle. Suddenly I found myself on the wrong side of the freeway, and I crashed and died. The funny thing was, I wasn't scared and I felt no pain. I just thought, "Oh well, I died..." Like, "Oh well, my coffee got cold..." Or, "Oh well, I stubbed my toe..." Very casual.

Then I found myself in a conversation with Jimi Hendrix. He was seated on the floor on pillows at a long, low, middle-eastern style table. Everything was middle-eastern themed. The pillows and draperies were all very colorful. We were talking casually when he said, "There is no past, present, or future. You are here now. Wake up..." And I woke up! Completely and fully. I was totally 100% awake. I couldn't believe it. I dropped to my knees and started crying. I knew what was happening. I had been waiting for that moment my whole life.

I looked up and realized that it was really Jimi and I ran over to him and threw myself on him and hugged him and wept. I just grabbed him and cried and cried. I asked him if it was really him and he said, "It's really me..." The dream continued and not once did I go back into a dream state.

The next part of the dream was that we were sitting on the floor together and talking very casually and hanging out at this party in this middle-eastern style house. I just figured, what the hell. It's really Jimi and I'm just going to have fun! This is great! I was so shocked that I wasn't even concerned with asking him any questions or anything. I was just too amazed to be doing anything other than just being there.

Then he wanted me to meet some people so we got up and he introduced me to a blond girl named Kathy, her boyfriend, and another guy. I hugged them all. Then Jimi said, "Look. I finally did it. I reunited us..." I take that to mean that we were all a very important spiritual team that have been working together before. We were all talking and then suddenly Jimi was gone. I looked around in fear because I thought I may have been falling back into a non-lucid dream state and so I started calling out "Jimi! Jimi!" But one of the guys that was standing in the group said, "No, he's not gone. He's hiding his ties..." And we looked and he had taken this handful of scarves, the kind he would tie around his head and legs and arms and had gone to hide them.

Apparently it was an inside joke amongst Jimi's friends to hide anything he set down because he always lost things. Which is actually one of his real-life traits according to the biographies I have read! So he had just bought these ties before he had come to the party and he wanted to make sure he didn't lose them and that none of his friends would "steal" them and hide them as a joke. So the four of us in the little group thought it would be funny to go find out where he was hiding them, and then at the end of the night when he would go back to get them they would be gone!

So we went sneaking through this house and we get to the end of a hallway and we hear someone rustling in the living room and we think it's him, so we're all giggling and one of the guys is peeking down the hallway, and I'm like, "Is it him?" And he looks and he's whispers, "No! It's not, go back..." And we're all laughing our asses off and then I look down this other hallway past the laundry room and out the back door window, I see Jimi stuffing his scarves in the freezer of this green refrigerator that is sitting unplugged outside the garage. Then he sees me and ducks and runs! So I'm like, "He saw me!" To everyone and we all run out the front door knowing that he's about to "get" us. And so I run through the front door laughing my butt off, I was so weak with laughter that I could barely get the door open.

I go out on the front lawn and I running and laughing and I see Jimi tearing around the side of the house and I'm like "Ahhh!" And I actually woke myself up because I was physically laughing. Crazy huh! And even crazier is that the next day I found a turquoise cross necklace that had been lost for months. I have always called it my "Jimi cross" because I bought it because it reminded me of him. When I just popped up out of nowhere I couldn't believe my eyes.

Obviously it really was Jimi's spirit... I finally met him and he let me know it was really him in more than one way!

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ministargazer (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-08)
Hello musiclover - very interesting dream and when I was actively involved in music, playing keyboards in local bands I would also sometimes get Jimi Hendrix dreams in which he would come to me with advice about the music business. Always powerful feelings in connection with Jimi - emotions - sometimes I would wake up crying, get out of bed, sit on the couch and think about what had just happened for hours afterwards. "Some dreams,"as Jimi used to say, "You never forget." I would record them and one that I had was also similar to yours in its Middle Eastern setting! This is rather amazing that we both saw Jimi in this way. Here is the dream: I was searching for Jimi and had to travel a long distance through pastel colours of light blue, rose, gold, and over water and my impressions were of a place somewhere distant, quite exotic and when I finally saw him he was seated on embroidered pillows (East Indian) scattered on the floor, in what looked like a large tent decorated with silks, linens and jewels and he was reclining, surrounded by beautiful ladies. There was a moment of vibration, the essence of which was very pure when two souls meet who are one in harmony. Then I sensed that I had been the aggressor and that I had search and "found" Jimi - wasn't sure if resented this intrusion into his privacy but I didn't want to wake up. When I eventually did, I sat down at the keyboard and wrote this song - "Astral Wife" for Jimi.
"You live in a world, no time or space
Soul meets soul in a blending of the race
But I'll wait for you and when my life is through
My Astral man, I'll float on up to you"
Sunshine and moonbeams
These are the qualities that turn into dreams
But I'll wait for you and when my life is through
My Astral man, I'll float on up to you."

In 1972, two years after Jimi Hendrix died my teenage sisters and myself had a seance and attempted to call Jimi Hendrix through. Some amazing communication took place during and after this experience and I am now involved in recording this into a book manuscript called "The Marshmellow Box". Wish me luck!
fridayhutrd (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-08-12)
Musiclover and Jebus_raves. Your premonitions are coming true. We will be in Morocco next month. I hope you are following your intuition.
hunnybunny (3 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-22)
wow I thought I was the only one and I wasn't quite
Sure what it meant. I actually had the same thing happen just with John Lennon. I love John Lennon and he is one of my idols and he was also talking to me. If you get any answers to what it can meet you should email me sometime. Doesn't it feel great to know your favorite musician who has past has met you in person in your dreams? (: ❤
Reason (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-15) last thing. This has been driving me crazy for the past few months:

"...You'll watch concrete crumbe and fall..."

You misspelled "crumble..."

Live well and be good...
Reason (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-15)
Interesting, I see you are an existentialist. I find it fascinating how people's lives "interweave" for specific purposes. The times I have contacted you previously, since 2008, have been due to involuntary and subconscious processions of thought.

In those several "dreams" you were distraught. I can't help but believe that some how and in some way, the emotional trauma in my being was some how transferred into your being. There is so much about me that you don't understand.

I know others speak ill of me and say despicable things of my being.

I believe one day, when both our spirits enter into the universal chasm, which is the source and means of expression of eternity's will, and all the pretences are stripped away and only that which is sincere is present, you will understand my reason.
jebus_raves (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-23)
i had a dream about the same party.

i also think I know what the dream means.

i think mine took place at a slightly different time to yours though. I remember being on acid at the time in the dream (the first trip I can currently recall, using the chronology of this current world).

this is not the only time I have met jimi, in fact I met him again last night.

if "met" would be the correct word.

"gold and rose, the colour of the dream I had, not too long ago, misty blue and lilac too, never to grow old.

I have never
Laid eyes on you
Not before
This timeless day
But you woke and you,
Whoa you smiled my name
And you stole
My heart away
Stole my heart away!"

in the words of the one you call jimi.

call me crazy, call me what you will, those lyrics don't seem too hard to dig...

these dreams speak to me of the present, the past and the future.

if, perchance, you are who I think you might be, I'd appreciate it if you left another message.

and if I am, by some strange coincidence, who I think I might be, we'll be glad to talk to each other, and you may know who I am already, if my dreams lead me in the right direction.

if you can post again, or another comment, this would be helpful.

on a final note,

the internet, as wonderful as it is, is stupidly impersonal. Make nothing of my verbal manner, think only of the concepts described herein, and let your intuition lead you.

"i been lookin' for someone that feels like you for some time... Excuse me while I see, if the gypsy in me is right, if you don't mind..."

beyond the vague conceptuality of my comment, simply make of it what you will.

i don't expect or want any of your details, I can just see myself returning there soon, and want to find out how. If jimi reunited those in the dream, maybe it was through his lyrics. I don't necessarily expect to get back there in this version of reality, I would simply like to ascend, and I got a vibe that you can fill in some blanks, and would maybe like to ascend also.

perhaps the meaning is for you to one day be reunited with those to whom you were introduced, once upon a dream. Perhaps twice...

hendrix lives
Elps (guest)
15 years ago (2007-07-31)
Could be an explanation of a dream played out by your subconscious mind where you wanted to be in contact with Jimi Hendrix and you created a dream to fit your heart's desire.

Could be you really met Jimi and experienced everything in another dimension of a dreamscape world belonging to Jimi's environment.

Could be you were reconnecting with Jimi and friends because you have had previous past lives within the same soul group also the same as the group of people in your dream.

Could be you stepped right into the timeline capsule and experienced a piece of history per a dream.

Could be it was a desire and a dream that came true.

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