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Since as long as I can remember I have always had strange "sensations" of things to happen, although I can never pinpoint the "thing" to happen, and the knowing what it could be, bad or good, always bothered me not to know. This brings me to my story... 1999.

My Sito (grandmother) was the most amazing women I have ever known, if you met her once you were sure not to forget her. I had been thinking and thinking about her for at least 2 weeks, and telling my husband she had been in my thoughts way too much lately, he of course knows of my "sensations" and kept telling me to call her.

Instead I bought a card, wrote her and told her how much she meant to me growing up, how I was, how is she etc. After I mailed it I felt a huge relief inside of me.

3 weeks later while I was at work, my husband called to give me bad news, my mother called and told him Sito had passed away the evening before while she was at my Aunt's house. Of course I lost it. After 30 minutes my mother called me at work, we both started crying again and then she told me "your Aunt (my mom's sister) was going through Sito's purse and came across a beautiful card that looked to be read a million times... It was from you Shannon... She carried it with her everywhere from the time she received it..."

Then I told my mom she had been in my thoughts way to much lately and I needed to send her a card to express how much she meant to me.

It's strange to say, but I had closure, that card was my closure to a grandmother I loved dearly and knowing she carried it with her wherever she went made me feel even more loved, of course not knowing it at that time... I just knew.

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Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-09-14)
I get that all the time I think about someone cause for some reason there on my mind and they end up phoig me or texting me like my x boyfriends . Yeah one day last week I was thinking of my nanna and that something bad was going to happen like get rushed to hospital then the next morning she did she got rushed to hospital but she's ok now
Elps (guest)
16 years ago (2007-07-31)
Yep life is short. When people get premonitions or emotional tugs and reminders, they need to listen to them. Don't let them go by without an acknowledgment to the person that feeling or tug is all about. Call the person, set up a lunch date, go visit and send a card. If it has been awhile, see them in the flesh. With that said don't let a loved one leave without a loving acknowledgment even if they are going down the block and will be back in a few. A peck on the cheek or an I love you is the best gift to send a loved one off on their day or down the block, even if you are not seeing eye to eye. Don't let people leave in anger without acknowledgment that you love them. Life is short and those premonitions or emotional tugs and reminders are there for a reason so pay attention.

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