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New at this, but I would like to share something with all of you. 6 years ago, I was wide awake and not a chance of napping mid day. I was home alone at the age of 35. I had a vision of the back of a baby's head with extreme detail on the hairline. Not a big surprise, I am a hairstylist. Somebody was holding that baby. I immediately jumped to my feet with my heart racing. I felt it was in my presence. At the time I didn't really care for babies or children. However, I had two kids that were high school age and middle school age. I was never a fan of babies. Well July 31. 2008, I had a baby many years after my vision with the same hairline.

Now is where the 2nd vision comes in. Same day of the vision of the baby. I visioned that I attended a funeral with a boy that I don't know. As I walk into the church, everyone turns to look at me and chatter is heard about...oh...that is her. I am attending a funeral with an preteen who I don't know. We are very close, we are arm and arm. I feel that this is my son and we are attending his dad's funeral. I have told only people who are like me and would understand that I am not crazy. While having that vision, I remember crying and thinking he was a great man (which by the way, he was married).

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