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I've always felt like I was different, not because I just knew or felt things, but because sometimes they would come true. Just recently, I've had several dreams and two have come true that I know of. About 2-3 weeks ago I had this feeling that one of my younger brothers was going to get into serious trouble or get caught in something, and yeah apparently he was caught buying and selling weed and in possession of stolen property, during school time. He's in the process of being expelled from school for a year. Now he is mad at me because the night before I told him he was going to get caught, and he did. I believe he's in more serious trouble than he thinks, I have a feeling he's going to be sent away, his parole meeting is next week, so we won't know anything until then.

This other dream I had two to three weeks ago. I dreamt that I was at a school while a dance was tacking place, but I was outside the gym hidden. I looked over the side of the fence that encircles those generators that are just outside the school gym, and there was a group of kids, high school aged. I'm sorry for this part, but it's what I dreamt. Some of the male kids where raping this girl, while the others male and female just stood around watching. They did nothing, just egged the others on, laughing and taunting. In the dream I wasn't scarred or anything I just wanted to help the girl. So I then called 911 and told the operator what was happening. I remember telling the operator not to have their lights or sirens on so they could sneak up on them and catch them.

Then I don't remember much. I woke up scared, confused, freaked, disgusted; I mean who dreams about that. I haven't told anyone, nor do I wish to never dream anything like it ever again. I feel that if I tell my mom she would be disappointed in me, or think that I was a disturbed person. Well today I had this urge to goggle search the words top secret, the first link was AboveTopSecret, I browsed that page, and well what I found is making me write this story. On their home page, there is a section towards the middle with hot topics of the week and [Police: Gang rape outside school dance lasted over two hours] got my attention. I researched it some more and CNN Justice reported on it. The rape happened in San Francisco, during a homecoming dance at Richmond High School.

So, now I'm scared, I'm worried, I don't know what to do, is everything I dream going to come true good and bad, should I trust all my feelings and hunches, what should I do. I know I'm not crazy, I just don't know what to do. Should I believe everything?

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AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-20)
not all my dreams are pleasant, and I thank God they do NOT all come true. Actually I work actively to prevent some of them from happening if possible, but I know that if I do nothing and whether I dream it are not, the thing will still probably happen. Because I'm a watcher, not the cause, but like angels whose job it is to watch over the world, we too can make the choice to intervene if we have the right motive and wisdom to know what to say and do at the right time to the right people to stop it from happening.

Talk to anyone who has been doing this for a while, read the books of the lives of the prophets and see how some prophecies are fulfilled and some are prevented through the pleading and intervention of the prophet. A prophet is not just one who speaks FOR God (as a messanger to the world) but one who speaks WITH god to plead the case of his or her people (and stop the destruction of the world)

I haven't finished analyzing all of the BIBLE yet or the other religious text but the vedas, sutras, Bhavaghad gita, Dalai Lama book, Wiccans I speak to and other all agree on one thing:

We need more love and tolerance in this world.

But an interesting thing I found in the Bible is that is says that because of the rise of so many false prophets that God dissolved the office of oracles and has made each man his or her own prophet.

However, I believe if you love the world as yourself, you may be shown the world's probably future, and if you love it then perhaps you can prevent some of the diasters through your actions and words.

Peace of the Lord be with you.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-23)
You truly have an amazing gift. Use it only for the good of humanity. I felt sad to the girl in your vivid dream. My latest dream was this a little girl about the age of 13 that wears all white old fashioned dress. I think she is a poltergeist because of the banging of doors and windows as my dream showed me but I never talked to her. She has a big scar on her left face and she bloody looked at me smiling. Good day 😊

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