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Paint The Future?


Very new to finding out I'm psychic and just pushing past the ego and common sense part. I have a psychic friend who is helping me but wanted to draw a wider comparison, hence being on here. I'm 30, a pro photographer for the last 8 years and have always believed in a unique and unproven energy that is used by spirits. I got more interested when I captured orbs (when I could have done without them) in shots when I was working. I never told the couples as it was their wedding days and didn't want to risk it.

I got into photography with an arts based background and my main love is painting. My style for a long time was always developing but over the years it's developed into very abstract stuff. That's fine go with the flow I thought. But several years ago a pot of paint cracked or burst in a bag as I got it home, sure enough my hand went in and came out bright blue. As I turned to go and wash it off something made me just smear my hand across several pages of a sketch book.

As the paint dried I used a pen and pulled shapes out of the paint smears. From these sketches I then several days later painted them on a large wall sized bit of paper.

Now one of the shapes that came out was of a cow on it's back with a trail of blood running out. Sure enough a few months later foot in mouth kicked in and 1000s of live stock were culled. Much as I've tried since then but my way of creating visuals can't break away from this abstract style and now I can't stop doing them. I know how this seems but it's not a struggling artist trying to flog work or gain exposure because I don't need it like this, I earn a good living from my photography work and am happy to keep it like that.

Paint The Future?

But my friend who's the psychic, I told her nothing of this story above but showed her some other stuff and she said that I was painting the future too. Sounds corney saying it with all the 'Heros' stuff on TV in america but wanted your takes on it.

My psychic also said that I have a spirit guide for painting and that I should know who he is, I'm pretty sure I know but can't say out loud as it feels weird. I know his work and that he was very successful but died in the mid 90's.

She mentioned that I should let him in to work through me. I tried this but am anxious to do it again as when we went though the images it wasn't the spirit who it was supposed to be. My style morphed into something else. Made my stomach feel sick until I booted it out.

I heard that the sick feeling ain't good in the realms of being psychic. (sorry, new to all this as that seems pretty obvious saying it now, but then I just though it was something I ate)

Pretty mad all this I know but it's not massively surprising to me in a weird way. I have very high intuition with people, can just tell how a person feels, what's on their mind and if they need help, I know about trouble before it happens, I used to get discomfort and very tired in crowds even though I love people and working with them, I also can think someone into phoning me, (great if I was on pay as you go) I have also been very lucky with escapes from dodgy situations that I now thank my spiritual guide for. (Made a list the other day and it got very silly) Rip tides with rogue waves, tiger sharks thinking I'm food and me reacting opposite to how I was going to, a poisonous snake being seen at night (how?) heading for me and my bare feet with no phones for miles around, on and on the list went)

Also I have very vivid and random dreams that I can remember precise details. I've predicted the future in them too with family matters and myself. Started noting them down now.

I'm new to opening myself up to being psychic but would love you're takes and any help to furthering these skills.

As regards the paintings - Looking back I guess it explains when I was younger my hand being around a pint glass as I accidentally broke it. MY hand was gripping it very very tightly and as it broke I gripped into all the glass.

I just stood frozen, as tighter grip as a person can form wrapped around the glass, not daring to open my hand onto a bloody mess. But as I did I was dumb struck to find not a single cut or scratch or not even a tiny splinter.

That's my painting hand by the way, unless I let the spirits in then they use right or left.

Any thoughts?

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