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Am I Losing My Head?


I can start by saying, I feel others in the room when I'm alone. I also have had certain experiences that have lead me to believe I have some sort of ability to sense the paranormal.

Just last night, I had an experience. I have a plasma light (little effect light) that I keep on a stand up lamp in my room. A girl I have recently met told me about her two grandparents that passed in a car wreck before she was born. And me and this girl were laying in my bed just talking. And suddenly the hairs on my body stood up, I felt an overwhelming heat, and then, the light in my room, that was just on idle, lit up heavily because out of nowhere it was pressed up against the metal on the lamp. When I realized what made the light go on, I started having the sense of someone wanting to relay a message to me. I couldn't because of the fear I was feeling. But, I did get a visual in my head of who it was. And after describing it, it fit the description of her grandma.

I have had no knowledge of her relatives except that they are no longer living.

But overall, I was just frozen like a deer in headlights.

Am I Losing My Head

So, today, I searched the internet for some sort of help. And here I am. This isn't the first time I have had an experience, but, it is the most recent powerful one that I have had.

Someone please help me understand what is happening to me. I don't know if I'm just crazy, or if there is a reason for my feelings.

I have predicted things in my life that have happened, along with predicted things in others life's that come true. So I feel like I have some sort of connection to the other side.

If anyone can relate or help me, PLEASE DO SO ASAP! I need some comfort in this, because it seems like, when fall rolls around, the experiences pick up and become more powerful. I am in fear of losing this girl due to her thinking I'm crazy or something, but I will tell you, that, that light in my room has never moved against that metal until last night. And she was there with me to see it happen. She tells me she believes that I believe something is happening, but she says she's not sure what it is. After the light incident and my description, she just started petting me to calm down my senses.

I am lost and need direction, PLEASE help me find peace with this.

Thank you for reading this far

Jimmy Ski

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