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Psychic Snorkeling In Hawaii


The reason why I am writing about an event that occurred in my life is, because I'm not sure what to think of it. Am I psychic or not?

A few years ago my family and I went to Hawaii. On our trip, we went snorkeling. It was just my mother, my brother and I on this particular day-outing. Anyways, my mother and I decided to swim out. My brother was being stubborn and decided not to wear his water shoes, even though they would protect his feet from the sharp coral protruding from the sand. Almost instantaneously when my foot touched the water, a chill was sent up my spine. I pleaded to my mother almost every second for us to get out of the water while snorkeling, because I had a horrible feeling of dread. My mother and I kept swimming out further into the ocean. I soon realized that we were the furthest out! I looked up out of the water and my mother did too. Helicopters and jet skis were churning the water trying to get people out of the ocean. I immediately remember what the marine biologist vacationer on the beach said to us. He talked about tiger sharks and how they only come around for the typical, blood, and sea turtles.

My mom then finally cracked and we swam back to the shore seeing as all of our underwater pictures were of sea turtles! Ans then, there was my brother on the beach. His foot was bleeding, because he had cut it on a hidden sharp point of coral in the sand. After a long wait for the sharks to swim away from the area, the marine biologist came over and said that the sharks were in the cove. The furthest point my mother and I had swam out was to the rocks, of the cove!

So to put it into a more formal question, the moment I touched the water, did I know what was going to happen, and am I psychic?

Comments and e-mails would be great. I realize this is lengthy, but it's a true story of an almost fatal day of my life. Thank you for reading!

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