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Since I Was A Child


Before my dad died. (about 6 years old) I saw this lady standing outside my window. She was all white. No one else can see her. While, shortly after that, I had a dream about my sister taking one of my snacks. While the next day it happened. Lot more happened after that. But once night I was with my sister's boyfriend and her. Every word seem like it was his last. Us girls left to go to the bar to pick up someone, well, he shows up to get a 6 pack. It was like a movie. A movie when the guy gets hit by a semi truck. Well, next day he was killed by a truck.

One day I saw a guy driving down the road, I knew he was going to get himself killed. Friends wouldn't follow him, like I asked them to. He was in the newspaper next day, dead.

I feel spirits all around me since I was a kid. Good or bad. Friends playing with one of the boards, it worked for me, I asked the questions because I knew he would only talk to me. He's hand was on my shoulders.

My sister's dog went missing, I knew she was in the woods, I knew exactly where she started, I was too scared too look, brother in law found her in the woods.

My bird went flying into the woods, I knew exactly where she was. Cant explain exactly how I knew, but I knew someone was guiding me.

I was sleeping. Woke up with voices saying my name.

I was sleeping, woke up with someone looking at me, it looked like my mom. But it was like a shadow, she looked, walked into my bro's bedroom, walked out, looked at me some more, went into her bedroom. But I knew she was sleeping. Well that was last week. Last night. I went to bed early, exactly same thing happened but it was real. I saw the future again.

I had a dream being at a country club I never been before. A lot of people, and the way it was sent up, I was like there is no way, but the dream felt real. A week later. I was at the bar. But my sister wasn't singing like my dream. At leat not yet. I went in like I was there before. And I knew, I remember I was in my dream. This one was different.

I have a lot of other things that happened. Kind of the same stories that I have just told.

I am being guided in so many ways. I am only starting to understand them. But I don't know how to use them. Please help me.

Thank you

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JVALLE24 (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
Im sorry my computor is acting funny... I had a dream an it happend... My advise is keep on going tlak to your angles:) ok
JVALLE24 (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
Hello my name is jvalle24 and I'm 19yrs old. Never watch the news. But I had a
Dream about a case that happened in Chicago. I rememberd his face ad his status. In my dream he was a crazy obssesed soldier. That was chassing me. A week passed and and one day I felt death around me. That niht I q=went he and googled t ase and I freaked out for a hile. It's a gift that you have it will take you a while but you will aster it. With the help of your angles ocourse. You have angels that guide you and help you. Just ollow that good voice and feling... Ok here is my email incase jaklin_valle [at]

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