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I am only 12 years old

Almost every day I see negative activity (ghosts and demons)

Do you believe in ghosts?

I am a MEDIUM (Spiritualist).

A medium is some one that can sense, feel, see, touch, hear and talk too Negative Energy. Negative Energy is a ghost/spirit.

There are not many mediums in the world. I am lucky... Ish to be one of them.

I started to notice that I was a medium when I was 3.

If you don't believe in such things then come to my house.

It will SCARE you!

When a Spirit gets mad you DON'T want to be near it at ALL!

Scary things have happened to me.

Once an Object went flying across my room. It broke. It was thrown by someone! Negative Energy!

When a ghost is mad... You DON'T want to be near them. Run away!

On November 6th,2009... I SAW the most frightening ghost I have ever seen! (SO FAR)!

I hear mysterious noises, footsteps, crying, whining and voices.

I sense ghosts when they are near.

I see ghosts but not spirits because spirits CANT be seen.

I talk to any ghost I want but... Only if they want me too and they won't always answer.

I can Touch a hand but only a hand.

I can feel a ghost.

When you feel a chill run up your spine... That is usually a ghost or spirit passing you.

Its impossible to not be a medium and then be one. You can only be born a medium.

The Definition of a medium is a little freaky but true!: A person through whom the spirits of the dead are alleged to be able to contact the living.

When you are a medium you feel different.

A medium (I) can also speak to a spirit or ghost through the mind!

Another meaning of a medium is a physic. (Which I am too).

A psychic is not a mind reader.

A psychic doesn't 'see' dead people all the time.

A psychic doesn't know all about you.

A psychic can't predict the future.

A psychic doesn't 'know' the past.

So what is a psychic?

A psychic is sensitive to the spirit, both living and dead (or passed on)

A psychic 'feels' energy that most people have blocked out.

A psychic is one, who for a brief time, allows spirit to use them.

A psychic uses his or her intuition and trusts it.

A psychic allows themselves to be open to communication from universal knowledge.

A psychic is a natural empath.

So although some people will be better psychics than others.

Animals can be mediums too but only mammals and birds.

I Giulietta Whitman am The Medium

Comments about this clairvoyant experience

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-13)
Alot of kids experience spirits, angels, demons, because they're innocent and pure! MY ADVICE (I'm 50) is: Don't be a psychic medium! Mediums, in spiritualist churches, (and shamans), call on spirits to comunicate with them, or to manifest themselves with ectoplasm (EEWWW!) etc. They also channel the spirits INTO themselves, and others! (reiki healers, channel unknown 'healing spirits' INTO their patients and themselves...). God FORBIDS these occult practices, for our own good! Because demons can disguise themselves as 'dead people' or 'healing spirits', 'spirit guides', glowing 'angels', 'aliens' or animals etc... If you open up your home, your mind and body, to these UNKNOWN spirits, they might be kind, gentle and helpful at first, but when you get tired of them and start ignoring them- because you want your peace and privacy... They will turn on you, become angry, malicious and obnoxious! They will haunt you all hours of the day and night, pull at your clothes, pinch and hit you, (like poster 'tessalovesmusic' and many others, found out...LOL!). You'll suffer demonic oppression, even possession, mental/physical illness, and other areas of your life, like: family relations, finances, career, will go down the drain... Don't open the door to the occult, it'll bight you in the a*s! Instead, open the door to our powerful and loving God Jesus, his Holy mother, and the Holy Angels! They will guide and protect you. Pray, fast, read the bible and psalms, and PRACTICE the bible... And wear a cross around your neck! Trust me, you'll be happy and protected. A STORY: A lady in Holland was a christian. One day she went to a spiritualist church. In there, was a 20 metre long HEAVY oak table. She went in, and shouted: 'What you are doing, is EVIL!' Everyone laughed at her... But then, that table lifted up about a metre into the air, by itself! LOL! So if you ask me about spiritualists: everyone can choose their own master... Jesus or satan!... Whatever tickles your fancy! Read my profile for more info. Stay safe... Better safe than sorry! God bless!
NaturalScience (229 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-23)
Hi Iseethedead, if the name is spelled somehow differently you will find something by Google. I tried Samantha Parkinson and there came pictures and entries about some young girl. Try also to google Burkinson and all spells of the family name that could fit. Except if you happened to see before your inner eye, or as a vision, the name in writing so that Burkunsen MUST be correct.
Rashidah (guest)
14 years ago (2010-10-23)
Are you familiar with psychic shields? This will help ward off the evil spirits.
iseethedead (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-23)
Thankyou everybody for advice and comments!
Something happened the other night though.
I was falling asleep around 10:00pm. At 10:50pm I woke up! I couldn't get out of bed. Some thing was pushing onto me. I could sit up in bed but I wasn't able to get out of bed! I was afraid but I couldn't scream I thought something was wrong with me. I whispered STOP! STOP! PLEASE! STOP! STOP! All of a sudden I was out of my bed!
I don't know what happened but I know what SHE looks like! I went on the computer and then looked up the name Samantha Burkunsen because the entire time I was thinking that name. When I typed it in this is what showed up: samantha burkunsen - did not match any documents. How did I know what a she looked like? Let me tell you. I have seen her once. I was in the basement and I went to go feed my cats. There is a bathroom with a mirror in the same room I feed my cats. When I passed it there was a lady. She was wearing a pink gown. And she stared at me. I think that was her that was haunting me yesterday night. HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO!
Shootingstar11 (2 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-25)
i can sense spirits not really ghosts because I am aferied to open up doors to bad or evil ghosts I have never tryed should i. I only figured out about my abilitys yesterday and I am a little nurvous about what my parents will think I told my aunt because she belived me and. I helped my dead dog move on I get deja vu a lot because I dream up the problem am I really a medium
Ivorybeige18 (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-17)
I think there are more mediums than you think...otherwise, I think you're right 😊
Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-30)
hello young man

This is construtive criticism, you have a lot to learn.

Please do not take this the wrong way, you are so young and need to learn quite a bit especially when you give advice to others.

I will say this, a medium is NOT someone who can contact negative energy ie. Ghost. A medium is someone who is a mediator (if you like) between the spirit world and the physical. Someone who can translate from the spirit world to the physical. Unlike yourself, I have the most beautiful experience and contact with spirits and ghosts. They require assistance mostly to cross over. Some are funny and fight as to who is next in line to speak with me.

I hope one day your ability is a positive one.

Take care

Medium Clairvoyant & Psychic 4 years
naomi_and_netania (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-09)
Please read my story and help me? I need help. I updated my story by commenting on it. It's not a whole 2nd story, just an update. Thanks!
Tessalovesmusic (3 stories) (72 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-08)
Um not to be politically correct, but are all born psychic, medium, or what other gifts are in people they just ignore most of these gifts. Yours are most likely enhanced being as you could be a indigo child. Ghosts and spirits are essentially the same, its too bad you only see negative spirits, Some are very kind. Its true that they won't always want to talk to you, they sometimes have to deal with things other then the living. Also psychic has lots of meanings, and everybody's psychic potential is different. Just being an empath is a psychic ability but not everyone has this ability some will be able to read the future, or move tings with there minds which is also a form of psychic ability. People have a range of gifts that vary from person to person so in essential people who can read the future, empathy, telepathy, essentially know the past are psychic their just not the same kind of psychic you are. Being a medium is a person who deals with ghosts/spirits, Dealing as in feeling, hearing, and seeing ghosts/spirits. Which we all were a medium in one point or another, do you know when kids have imaginary friends? Its a form of a medium, I first met my spirit guide when I was about 5 or 6 and I forgot about him after my parents told me he wasn't real, I got my "sight" back a year and a half ago and can see him again and other spirits that wonder around. Hope that helps you.

Blessed Be,
Tess ❤
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-08)
We share some things in common but sometimes I tried to turned it off or on depending on my mood. Good day and I added you to my buddy list thanks 😊

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