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Telepathy - It Runs In My Family


I never thought that I could ever be a telepath. Well, a partial telepath. By "partial", I mean that things like the things I'm about to tell you usually only happen every once in a blue moon.

I believe that I get this ability from my mom's side of the family because I have not had any experiences with my dad- only my brother and my mom. The experiences I have with this only remain in my family.

The first experience I can remember is with my mom. I had asked her a question about a game that was on TV. After I had asked her, I heard a "yes" float through my mind, and I knew it wasn't from me. I knew that her lips hadn't moved, because I was watching her the entire time. But still, I thought that I was mistaken and asked again. She gave me the same response. I pondered it all night after that.

Another experience I had was with my brother. I was in my room and I could see my brother across the hallway in his own. I could hear him saying something- I can't remember, but it was a clear sentence. So I asked him, "Hm? What'd you say?" And he said, "I didn't say anything..." I never saw his lips move when I heard him.

The last experience that I'll mention was between my mom and me. I was upstairs in my room, channel surfing. When I found out that one of my favorite shows was on, I thought "Yay, AFV is on!" After I turned it there, my mom- who was downstairs- asked "Did you just say 'Yay' because AFV is on?" I got creeped out and replied that I didn't, and we went on with our night (this is how I figured out that she's a telepath).

These sort of things have slowly been beginning to happen more often lately, and it's kind of worrying me. Don't get me wrong- I like this ability and all, but my family won't understand. Over the time since this began, they're starting to think that my brother and I (especially me) are beginning to develop hearing problems. I could just tell them the truth... Except for the fact that they do not believe in any of these things. I briefly explained in my first posted story here that they don't, and that when I tried to explain it to my brother, he told my parents that I was studying witchcraft (which I don't). I also tried explaining my empathetic life to my mom, but she basically just told me that what I was feeling and doing was evil, and told me to just pray to God before bed that night.

I came to this site to get some help with this- not just ignore it and let my gifts fade away. So please, I would like help with this. I want to know how to control it and make it stronger. I've read that meditation can help, and so can walks by yourself- but I'm only fifteen years old- I can't sit still (or have enough privacy) to meditate for a long time, and I'm not allowed outside by myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this- I appreciate it!

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Telekinetic (3 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-05)
You will be fine if I were you I would do what I did and prefect your powers and have fun but don't tell anyone except if you need to your a smart Girl and trust me I'm a teen telepath to and it's hard some times but just hang in there😁
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-11)
Anaghia, you could work with the cats some are open and some are closed. They are very independent. You may have to barter with them inorder to work with you. Such as tell them you will massage them if they work with you or give them a treat at the beginning, see if they work with you. This will be a work in progress. Also ask your friend to just play a game of shirade of something. You could do this just playing with a deck of cards, guess which card plus color it is, and guess your friends cards.
If you have a deck of old maid cards. This make it fun for any of your friends.

Best wishes

Best wishes
Anaghia (guest)
13 years ago (2009-12-10)
Thank you for writing back! 😁

It's a good suggestion- I do like dogs (love cats though =3). Would it work with cats as well? I come across more cats than dogs around here, especially since my best friend has two and I spend a reasonable amount of time there.

~Anaghia ❤ ~
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-08)
Anaghia, telepathy is a combination of emotions and intent with ones will.
You could practice on pets. Dogs are extremly psychic, but there are a few dummies. If you do not have a dog, use a cat or a friends or a neighbors dog. If you parents permit you could walk the dog and meditate.
Stop with the dog spend time create a repore by throwing a ball and petting, this will create a bond and also ground you, speak to the little guy with your mind and note the responses. While walking you can do a mindful meditation which means you just observe your breath exit and feel your body.
You can also just observe nature and look at the energy outline as well as speak to plants. Studies have been done with plants and they thrive when people interact with them. Please bear in mind that regular meditation can be 5-20 minute the key is diligence. Hopefully others will have more suggestions.
Best wishes

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