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I have had a reoccurring dream now for almost 7 years the dream can happen once every 6 months or for an entire week.

The dream starts with me standing on a road with nothing but white around me, a shadow moves to my left and as a turn a door is their and is open I walk inside the door and find myself in my old houses front entrance which is small and contains a coat rack and room for 3 people to stand around in, the door behind me close's and I go to open the other door leading to what I assume is the kitchen when a figure comes out of the shadows, the figures face is entirely blacked out in darkness and its body is also covered in darkness, the figure grabs me on the shoulder and I get a cold sensation it then throws me to the floor, I always instantly wake up at this point and am always lying on the floor despite falling asleep in my bed.

I also have seen many solid ghosts always dressed in old clothing and sometimes there are sounds of piano music or laughter, I also sometimes hear sounds that no one else can hear and some rooms give me a cold sensation, I also get odd headaches and sometimes see what I can only assume are demons in some other dreams.

I have been having these dreams for almost 7 years and they seem to be progressively getting more frequent and more violent and distressing, in one dream that I won't forget I am stabbed by a knife and my lungs and heart are cut and sliced, while this is happening I am still alive in my dream and can not move only watch as it happens as you can see dreams like this would worry most people.

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emilyruth9 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-11)
I have had the same type of dream since I was little. It isn't exactly the same everytime, but it always has the same elements. I'm laying in my bed and something happens to make me wake up or pay attention (last night it was my bed shaking), go get my dad to tell him about it and he tries to find the root of the problem (which he never does) and I run out of the room (used to be a hall closet but last night it was the door to my room), the closet is always hard to close but I manage to close it with some effort. I have never actually seen this ghost but I feel that it is evil and is trying to tell me something. I used to get these nightmares every 6 weeks or so, but now it's at most 2 weeks before the dreams.

At my old house there was a ghost of the lady that owned the house before us. She wouldn't say anything when we (my sister and I) saw her she would just look at us and vanish. When we were sick, however, she would make sure we were comfortable. About two years ago I heard the voice of a man saying "I love you, I wish we had gotten to meet" for some reason I knew it was my grandfather who died 4 years before I was born. After I moved into this house (two years ago) I saw him again in a dark brown suit (I had never seen a picture of him before), so I asked my mom what he looked like and she showed me a picture, It was him in the exact same brown suit at my parent's wedding.

Another experience I had with ghosts was at our river house. It was a dark, stormy night (of course it had to be 😊) and I was sleeping in the room with my little brother. I was woken up by what I could sense to be a two year old who said "I'm scared and mommy and daddy won't wake up" so I got up and picked him up. I could actually feel the weight of him. He put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. After that, we both went and laid down in my bed. When I woke up, it was nice outside again and I could still feel him. He woke up said "thank you" kissed me on the cheek and vanished. That hasn't happened again and I couldn't see him, but whenever I go to the house I know he's there and happy, unless it's storming but I've left him a teddy bear for the nights I'm not there. When we go back after a storm the bear is still on that bed but it moves positions and sides like a small child has been comforted by it.

If anybody has any idea what this all means it would be greatly appreciated.
shadow_fox (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-01)
well shugo looks like you have a entity that is haunting your dreams. I forgot what they were called but they make your dreams horrible. At the same time your are feeding it your fear making it stronger and more powerful in your dreams. Your are control of your dreams you can force it out or "kill it" by you killing it instead in your dreams.
midnight2dawn (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-20)
the same thing has been happening to me only these weird people show me things and when I wake up they usually happen in a weeks time. I wish I knew what to do about it

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