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Do I Have Telekinesis?


I'm new to this site and have always been wondering if I have telekinesis or not. I have had many experiences but I'll just start off with a couple. One time at school last year I was sitting with my friend at our desks and we were bored in social studies class as usual. I don't know what happened but I suddenly just started looking at my pencil that was on my desk, I did that for at least two minutes! Then when the teacher scared all of the students including me, by bumping into something which fell, I got a stunned tinkling feeling throughout my body and the pencil just moved forward and back then I thought stop and it stopped! I looked over at my friend and she was like how did you do that and I said I don't know! She said that it was cool and I have telekinesis.

My other experience is this year when I was in math class and the teacher pulled the projector screen down so we could watch her do these math problems. I suddenly just stared at the edge of the screen and just looked at it for about a minute and when the teacher asked everyone to take out a piece of paper. I kind of jerked like it was a chill that made me twitch and right when I did that the screen went up the teacher said that has never happened before in all her years of teaching. She has been teaching for tweleve years! I have plenty of other experiences to wright about, but I was just wondering about these. Does anyone know how I could learn to control this ability? Thanks for reading! =)

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phsycichelp (6 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-06)
i am in abit of a situation about tk, I want to learn it but I don't know many ways of visualisation and when I use my imagination its doesn't work. Sometimes I have dreams of the future but that's the most phsycic experiance I have.
I have started meditating recently if that helps
madading (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2010-06-23)
i think you have tk and it sound like your pretty good at it I suggest you meditate and make it better if you meditate you might find you can do more! 😊

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